Henry Cavill Tallks about Superman/Superheroes/Accent/Cast

Henry Cavill Tallks about Superman/Superheroes/Accent/Cast

This is a long article, so I will only include the most important parts:

On Mythology and Comic Books:
“Superheroes came from people having difficult times and their needing imaginary superheroes to fix their problems. This is exactly where mythology came from. It’s the same place, people going through hardship and having these imaginary heroes who would defeat the big bad guy. I believe the original Superman is him flying around and picking up Hitler and bringing him back to the UN. It’s the same thing with mythology. Some bastard king who’s killing everyone and raping all the women, then they have this imaginary demigod hero who goes and kills him, and kills his beasty in the labyrinth and all sorts. It’s all the same thing, just in a different era.”

On Amy Adams and Cast:
“I think she’s a great actress and I’m very excited [about] all the actors there. Wow, that lineup already. The opportunity with an actor of my experience, only 10 years, to be a part of that cast and to be leading it is fantastic and I really, really can’t wait to be shaking hands and discussing all the stuff with all of them.”

On Accent and Favorite Superhero:
Cavill refused one request to show off his Kansas accent. “I shall not.” But he did admit Superman was his favorite superhero. “Of course. I’m hardly going to say otherwise anyway.”

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