Hutchinson, KS will Become Smallville for a Day

Hutchinson, KS will Become Smallville for a Day

On June 21, Hutchinson will be Smallville.

The Hutchinson, KS City Council has voted to declare the town as "Smallville," for at least one day.

Hutchinson residents, Chris Wietrick, KC Mcneely, and Ben Eisiminge began a Facebook campaign in 2012 entitled "Hutchinson, KS should be named 'Smallville'" and pled their case before the council on Tuesday.

"We love our hometown and we think the world should come visit us," said Wietrick. "This is what we wanted and now we think the whole world will recognize our town as Smallville, Kansas."

The fictional town of Smallville does have some similarities to Hutchinson which helped the motion passed unamiously. Both towns have the same sized population and both are located on the Arkansas River.

"That's one of the things we on the city council do is not just to do all the business of city but also when and where we can, take ideas people have and breathe life into them," said Hutchinson Mayor, Bob Bush.

The town will be declared as Smallville, Kansas on June 21st to coincide with Superman's induction into the Kansas Hall of Fame that same day in Topeka.

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