If Matthew Vaughn Does Direct MAN OF STEEL 2, Will Writer Jane Goldman Join Him?

If Matthew Vaughn Does Direct MAN OF STEEL 2, Will Writer Jane Goldman Join Him?

Director Matthew Vaughn has collaborated with writer Jane Goldman on a number of projects but if he does take on the Man of Steel sequel will she join him? Hit the jump to find out what she has to say...

Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman have worked together on everything from X-Men: First Class to Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Golden Circle but would she join the director if he ends up taking the helm of Man of Steel 2? In a new interview, the writer revealed that while she's talked to Vaughn about Kingsman 3, she probably won't end up helping him with whatever his take on Superman might be.

"It’s brewing…we’ve been chatting about [Kingsman 3] a lot," Goldman confirms in the video below while chatting to HeyUGuys"I feel like I’m not personally in a superhero phase right now but I think Matthew would be a brilliant director for it but I think there might already be a script for Superman so I guess he would be getting involved as director but I don’t know, if he is at all – I have no idea."

While that's not confirmation that a script has been written, it sounds like Warner Bros. may have at least a rough draft to work off as Vaughn must have at least discussed the possibility with her!

These two do make quite the team but based on some of the 
backlash Vaughn's movies have faced in the past, he might be better off concentrating on the directing side of things. However, based on his recent remarks about what he'd like to do with Superman, it's likely he'll take at least one pass at the script...if he winds up directing it, of course! What do you think? Share your thoughts down below.

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