Is The Female Villain in Superman Miss Teschmacher?

Is The Female Villain in <i>Superman</i> Miss Teschmacher?

It's looking like it might be. Along with the recent news that auditions are being held for the role of Lex Luthor, word is that WB are looking for an actress to play his sidekick Miss Teschmacher too..

As anyone who has seen Richard Donner's Superman movies(and who hasn't) knows, Miss Teschmacher was Lex Luthor's glamorous assistant/sidekick/love interest.

She was played by Valerie Perrine and was something of a comic foil at times and continued to be when her character was updated in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, this time played by Parker Posey. Then in Smallville, the character of Tess Mercer was an amalgamation of Teschmacher and Mercy Graves, Luthor's bodyguard/chauffeur.

Now a while ago the news broke that Zack Snyder and WB were looking for 2 female leads for their Superman reboot, and one of them was to be a villain. The rumor mill churned out Ursa, the Kryptonian villain, but it seems that Supes could be facing a much less threatening female opponent.

Not too much to go on for now, just the following tweet from Torosreviews' eltorolatino..

according to HOward Stern, auditions are being held for lex luthor and miss Teschmacher

We assume this was revealed on his radio show, as he hasn't mentioned it via Twitter. But if this is indeed accurate, and those Lindsey Lohan rumors are too, then this is the part that she is most likely reading for. Of course Teschmacher may not be THE female villain that was spoken of, although with Lex confirmed, and General Zod seeming less and less likely, Ursa would be pretty unlikely too.

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