Is This The Doomsday We Would Have Seen In A Superman Returns Sequel?

Is This The Doomsday We Would Have Seen In A <i>Superman Returns</i> Sequel?

Recently revealed concept art gives us a glimpse of the Doomsday that Bryan Singer considered using for either Superman Returns or it's sequel, as well as a look at a very different Clark Kent designs for J.J. Abrams' scrapped Fly-by...

Costume and special effects designer Steve Johnson (who recently unveiled photos of Tim Burton's strange looking Superman suit) has now posted costume art from Superman Returns and J.J. Abrams-scripted Superman Fly-By. What's most interesting though, isnt the revamped Superman suit, but the fact that Bryan Singer was considering using Doomsday either in his 2006 movie, or in a possible sequel!

I'm not sure what to think about that new look for Kal-El (what's wrong with the classic costume!?) but I'm pretty sure that Superman Returns would have been a much better movie had we seen the DC superhero take on Doomsday rather than the, ahem, "property mogul" Lex Luthor! Be sure to share your thoughts about these designs in the usual place!

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