Leaked LEGO Set Pictures Reveal SPOILERS For MAN OF STEEL & IRON MAN 3

Leaked LEGO Set Pictures Reveal <font color=red>SPOILERS</font> For MAN OF STEEL & IRON MAN 3

Spoiler Alert! Leaked videos and pictures reveal General Zod's ship, his army and armor! Hit the jump to see even more spoilers from the Man of Steel and the Iron Man 3 Lego sets.


Thanks to spieletest.at (link to YouTube channel below), we have our first look at some more new Lego sets from the summer wave of the Super Heroes line. These videos feature first looks at 76003-Superman: Battle of Smallville and 76009-Superman: Black Zero Escape as well as a closer look at the minifigures from the Iron Man 3 sets. So view the videos and check out the stills that I have provided.

Pictured here is 76003-Superman: Battle of Smallville. The set will include Zod's ship Black Zero and an army jeep. The minifigures included will be Colonel Hardy, Faora, General Zod (Combat Armor), Superman, and Tor-An.

A close-up of Colonel Hardy.

A close-up of Faora. (NOTE: Many believe that the face on this figure was placed on her accidentally as it is one that is usually used for male characters. The final product may look different.)

A close-up of Zod in his armor. Interestingly enough, it includes a never-before-seen face mask for him.

A close-up of Tor-An. Notice the subtle difference on the torso cover.

Pictured here is Superman: Black Zero Escape. The set will include a docking platform and a pod. The minifigures included will be General Zod (Combat Armor), Superman, and Amy Adams... oops I mean Lois Lane.

A close-up of Aldrich Killian. (Extremis Infected: has glow-in-the-dark head.)

A close-up of Extremis Soldier (Has glow-in-the-dark head.) Many believe that this is Extremis infected Eric Savin.

So what do you all think? Will you be buying any of these sets? What do you think of some of the spoilers? Leave a comment below and as always, have a good day.

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