Man of Steel Cameo potentially revealed?

Man of Steel Cameo potentially revealed?

Who is the potential link between Man of Steel and the existence of a larger DC universe? Martian Manhunter? Flash? BATMAN?!!! Only one way to find out!

While looking through the Man of Steel IMDB page, I came across a potentially massive spoiler that DC fans who've been hoping for a larger universe might find super interesting. Now, I know IMDB should always be taken with a grain of salt, but it has been the site that leaked the appearance of Kryptonians Tor-An and Dev-Em, the appearance of a character named Whitney Fordman that is a wink to Smallville's Whitney Fordham, Micheal Kelly as Steve Lombard and the potential of Rebecca Buller playing Jenny Olsen.

Now, the site may have opened the door to the DCCU's wink that David Goyer, Zack Snyder and WB execs have been hinting at for months now. Not only that, the easter egg also hints that a DC property will be rebooted to fit Man of Steel's universe...

To all the Batmanites hoping to see Bruce Wayne swoon in at the end of Man of Steel, you're out of luck, the potential easter egg is none other than Christina Wren playing Captain Carrie Farris.

90% of all DC fans have already made the association to who this character just might be, but to the Marvel fans/non-comicbook readers, Carrie Farris, or Carol Ferris, is Earth's first Green Lantern(Hal Jordan)'s belle. The character was most recently played by Blake Lively in the 2011 Box Office disappointment Green Lantern,

But with WB already stating that Man of Steel's tone is what they wish the DCCU's tone to emulate, the light-hearted 2011 flop might not fit this world or WB's plans. Does that also mean that Ryan Reynolds might be out as Hal Jordan if Carol Ferris might be rebooted?

What do you guys think? Possible? Not possible? I mean, I know the name isn't a spitting match, but Carol Ferris was is an F-16 pilot who works with the U.S. military from time to time. Is known as one of the best pilots in the DCU, and Man of Steel seems to have the Boyscout coming to blows with the United States Air Force... The similarity between Carol Ferris and Carrie Farris is too much to just be a smoke signal, no?

6 more weeks till we know for sure! # Countdown to EPICNESS!
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