MAN OF STEEL: Is This Detailed Scene Description On The Level?

MAN OF STEEL: Is This Detailed Scene Description On The Level?

Check out this supposedly leaked scene description from Zack Snyder's Superman reboot and decide for yourselves if it's the real deal or not..

You may have already seen a few snippets of dialog from this rumored scene description from the Man Of Steel shoot at Edward’s Airforce Base in California, but here is the full thing. It originated at Nukethefridge, but now Latino Review have added a few extra details that make it sound a bit more plausible. Apparently someone from Nukethefridge was on set to witness this scene up close and personal..

“The scene is set up in the bases’ proving grounds, vast dried flat lands as we spy a barricade of some sort. Concrete military dividers form a crude wall as soldiers and Tanks gather with all weapons prone in one direction: the other side of the wall. Who’s on the other side, none other then Superman and Faora: General Zods wife. She is indeed sporting a black alien uniform, her hair sleek back, draping down to a long black cape as it blows in the desert wind. She and Superman then walk over to a vast technical array of lighting rigs, camera dollies and a massive green screen: his own red cape dancing on the winds as dust is kicked up in their path. From this point the footage takes a page from ‘Chronicle’ as it spins and falls, tucked away by the mystery cameraman as everything goes black..

I understand the scene was the film's…or rather, Earth’s military force meeting with Zod’s own force to strike some sort of deal. So, besides Faora and Kal-El, what other alien presence was on the other side of that wall? A Kryptonian ship apparently, hence the giant green screen. Various Military Vehicles and 200 military soldiers are prone, all in formations as if ready to stand off as they wait for TWO female Kryptonians to land their ships. Among them is Faora as she walks past Superman himself, standing and ever ready. Faora then walks over to Colonel Hardy who stands with his men behind the barricade as she begins to speak"

The dialog included is nothing special, but could be legit. Basically it deals with Faora demanding that Lois Lane accompany her to meet Zod, Superman and Colonel Hardy objecting, and Lois then agreeing to go peacefully. To read it and the entire report click the link below. So what do you think, is this an actual scene description or just some fan fic based on what we have seen from set pics etc?

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