Man of Steel: Krypton Set?

Man of Steel: Krypton Set?

The video reminds me of the idea of Coruscant from Star Wars for a Kryptonian setting, only more organic in construction.

Note!!!: Not the same photo that is in the video. This is just what it reminds me of.

I saw this video posted on another website and thought it was interesting. I am not sure if it is an official set pic or a representation of what Krypton will look like in "Man of Steel"

Either way, it is interesting and I believe a nice direction to go in.

The description mentions it as organic architecture. It would be interesting that Kryptonians are advanced enough to make modern looking architecture with an organic process.

It gets away from the crystal technology, but is still able to form beyond what people of Earth would consider regular means for creating structures.

Check out the video in the link below which shows the picture of what may be the look of Krypton in "Man of Steel"

Click here to see the Man of Steel: possible Krypton set video.

I am hoping it is a real set pic, and this is the direction they are going in.
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