MAN OF STEEL: Michael Shannon On Henry Cavill And Fight Scenes

In a recent interview, Shannon shared his thoughts on Cavill and the fight scenes they had together, hit the jump to check it out.

On Cavill's portrayal of Superman:"He's perfect, he's flawless, he's everything you could possibly want,I saw the movie the other day for the first time, and I just love the original as much as anybody but I can't think of another actor in the business today that could come close to what he did. He was just sensational."

Shannon also addressed the fight scenes in the film, pointing out that they are epic: "Yes, of course,if we didn't have any interaction at all, it would probably be kind of bizarre." Lastly, he jokingly added that no physical injuries where ensued: "No injuries physically, no,some mental injuries I'm still trying to get over, but that's no secret to anybody."

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