MAN OF STEEL: Might The Mystery of "Jenny Olsen" Finally Be Solved?

MAN OF STEEL: Might The Mystery of "Jenny Olsen" Finally Be Solved?

Despite the many "no comments" regarding who Rebecca Buller is playing in Man of Steel, a recently released image really may be worth a thousand words (or at least one solid confirmation). Hit the jump to see for yourselves!

So, there's been some hot debate over the appearance (or lack thereof) of iconic Superman mainstay, Jimmy Olsen, in the soon to be released Man of Steel. At first, a few seemed a bit dismayed he wouldn't be showing up at all. Then came the rumor that Jimmy would be the subject of some of gender-bending and actually appear as Jenny Olsen, played by actress Rebecca Buller.

To add fuel to the fire, writer David S. Goyer refused to comment one way or the other on the subject when asked, leading many to take this as his silence meaning consent. Recently, a crop of MoS images appeared in high quality. Luckily, one of them features Laurence Fishburne's Perry White and one Rebecca Buller's mystery character on the streets of Metropolis. More importantly, it also features said characters ID badge (which is a lot more visible in the fully enlarged image). The original image is below, but here's a close up:

So guys, who exactly is Jenny Jarwich? (EDIT: it actually appears to be Jenny Jurwich). Apparently, she's Perry White's assistant and, for now, that's all there is to it. In the meantime, here's the url to the original image in all it's glory.

So, any of you out there feeling a bit of relief? Sound off in the comments!
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