First Batch of Reviews Are In for MAN OF STEEL

First Batch of Reviews Are In for MAN OF STEEL

First Batch of Reviews Are In for MAN OF STEEL

The press embargo has lifted! The first batch of reviews for Man Of Steel are finally in. Mild spoilers ahead. Tread with extreme caution.

Man Of Steel opens this friday, and now the first batch of reviews are in for the movie, and it is looking great so far. Read on and sound off below.

The Hollywood Reporter

To the oft-asked question of whether or not the world is really starving for yet another superhero origin story, Man of Steel simply responds by serving up what could be as much spectacle and action — minute-by-minute, frame-by-frame — as any movie anyone could think of. Zack Snyder’s huge, backstory-heavy extravaganza is a rehab job that perhaps didn’t cry out to be done but proves so overwhelmingly insistent in its size and strength that it’s hard not to give in. Warner Bros.’ new tentpole should remain firmly planted around the world for much of the summer.

Super Hero Hype

Man of Steel is great. It takes stories that we all thought we knew and looks at them through a different prism, creating a solid superhero story that stands apart from all of the others. Though the acting is solid all around, many of the characters don't naturally fit in, but when the film offers amazing fights and comic book levels of destruction, most fans won't mind that at all.

Rating: 8 / 10


‘Man of Steel’ isn’t perfect. There’s an emotional beat that is supposed to have resonance, but you’ll probably be thinking, “who’s she?” (The answer, undoubtedly, is “someone whose earlier scenes got cut out.”) There’s also a dopey decision that a character makes, a beat that only an actor of Kevin Costner‘s quality can save. Also, the world-building in ‘Man of Steel’ is so good that the movie lends itself to some hardcore nitpicking of a “how did they know English?” variety. But when your scrutiny has to go that deep, you know you have a solid blockbuster on your hands.


Crave Online

Man of Steel is a movie we need right now, and while normally such blanket statements refer to films of great portent or contemporary significance, I’m not convinced that Man of Steel is either of those things, not really. It’s a remarkable piece of popcorn entertainment with a few lofty issues on its mind that are simply expressed beautifully throughout the film. It’s an impressive retelling of a story that is generations old, and that somehow feels fresh here, without sacrificing the greatness that began with Action Comics #1. It could, to use the common parlance, be referred to as “awesome.” But awesome no longer means “awesome.” Awesome means “strikingly cool.” Man of Steel is awesome in that it inspires a sense of genuine awe. That, dear readers, is something of value by its lonesome.


Digital Spy UK

Man of Steel is not quite the perfect movie. Snyder's deployment of handheld camerawork works to create an intimacy between viewer and action, but this aesthetic jars horrendously with the 3D conversion (see in 2D if you can). Character loses focus in favor of action in the final third and there are also shades of Clark's character that go unexplored (for instance his split identity and deeper relationship with Lois). These threads are left tantalisingly open for a sequel, though. The foundations are firmly in place for what could be exciting further adventures of Superman.

4/5 stars

Ain't It Cool News

MAN OF STEEL is the Superman movie we have been waiting for. Full of action, emotion, and spectacle, this is Zack Snyder’s finest work so far, and I prefer David Goyer’s work here to his work on Nolan’s Batman films. This was the harder job, by far – to make Superman relevant again, and to give him life beyond the page. It is true to the comics, to the films, to everything we love about this character. When I dreamed of heroes as a child, dreamed of taking flight, I saw this movie in my mind’s eye. Zack Snyder has pulled from the dreams of millions of fans, and brought us something to cheer for. MAN OF STEEL soars on the winds of those visions. I imagine fans will lose their damn minds over this movie, and deservedly so. What the future holds for DC on film, I cannot know, but MAN OF STEEL lays the foundations for something quite extraordinary. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Yes, folks, Man of Steel delivers. It’s a phenomenal film and an even better set up for what we hope is a huge, DC Universe.


Man of Steel has a whole ton of pride, as do both its heroes and villains. Pride in where they came from and how its shaped them. The film is very much about what it means to be home and feel home, and even though it's about an alien man who flies through the air shooting lasers out of his eyes, there's nothing you won't be able to relate to in this.

The action is also pretty boss and fairly frequent (the Smallville sequence alone is loud and meaty), and there are some moments that are easily comparable to the best stuff from any recent superhero movie (including The Avengers). But where Man of Steel really succeeds is in its power to connect, emotionally and spiritually, with its audience. That's a rare trait for a giant movie like this with an incredible amount riding on its sucess, but that's what also makes it the best Superman movie to date.

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