Henry Cavill Says He'd "Love To Play" SUPERMAN Again, But Suggests His Return Is Far From Certain

Henry Cavill Says He'd "Love To Play" SUPERMAN Again, But Suggests His Return Is Far From Certain

Despite trade reports that Henry Cavill was in talks with Warner Bros. to reprise the role of Superman in the DCEU, the actor has now suggested that his return as the Man of Steel is far from a sure thing.

Despite several different trades reporting that Henry Cavill is in talks to reprise the role Superman in Warner Bros.' DC Films Universe, the actor is still hesitant to confirm anything - although he does admit that he'd love to don the cape again.

During an interview with Variety, Cavill referred to the recent reports as "speculation," and suggested that the news of his return may be wishful thinking, if not outright fabrication.

"The amount of speculation, the stuff I read on the Internet, is extraordinary and sometimes frustrating," the british actor said when asked if we could expect to see him suit-up as The Man of Steel again. "It’s when you see people stating stuff as fact. Like, “No, that’s not the case. That hasn’t happened, and that conversation isn’t happening.”

"But the important thing is that people are excited about it, and I think it’s important to be excited about a character like Superman. Superman is a fantastic character. If people are chatting about it, and even if they’re making stuff up, it’s okay, because that means they want to see the character again. And in an ideal world, I would absolutely love to play the character again."

It's possible that Cavill simply doesn't want to jump the gun by confirming his return before a deal is struck, because some very reliable sources seem pretty certain that conversations have been taking place, and the studio wants him back as Supes.

We'll just have to wait and see, but there's a lot of speculation that an official announcement will be made during the upcoming DC FanDome virtual event in August.

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