MAN OF STEEL Contained A Doomsday Easter Egg Teasing His BATMAN v SUPERMAN Arrival

MAN OF STEEL Contained A Doomsday Easter Egg Teasing His BATMAN v SUPERMAN Arrival

The big news out of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel watch party was HBO Max deciding to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut in 2021, but the filmmaker also revealed a cool Doomsday Easter Egg in Man of Steel!

Man of Steel was a divisive movie, but early scenes on Krypton were widely praised, with some fans arguing that Warner Bros. should release a spinoff set on the dead planet. Yesterday morning, filmmaker Zack Snyder held a Man of Steel watch party which has since been overshadowed by that big Justice League news, but there was a big reveal in there about Doomsday. 

That monstrous creature killed Clark Kent in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and was a transformed version of General Zod created by Lex Luthor. However, there were hints that wasn't the first "Doomsday," and Snyder confirmed as much during his live commentary. 

Pointing out a broken moon in the background, Snyder explained that, in his mind, a past version of Doomsday had destroyed it. That was meant to foreshadow the existence of Superman's most dangerous enemy, but the director admits that he was unsure at this point whether he would get the chance to make a sequel which is why it wasn't a more direct reference to his existence.

Snyder has previously confirmed that the original Doomsday does exist in the DC Extended Universe, while Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer actually destroyed one of the planet's moons when the heroes in Krypton were battling Doomsday. Now, we know where the idea came from!

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