MAN OF STEEL Star Michael Shannon Says What Happened To Zack Snyder In The DCEU Is "A Shame"

MAN OF STEEL Star Michael Shannon Says What Happened To Zack Snyder In The DCEU Is "A Shame"

Man of Steel star Michael Shannon has shared his thoughts on Zack Snyder being ousted from the DC Extended Universe after making Justice League, and jokes about his Doomsday role in Batman v Superman.

Michael Shannon has recently been doing the rounds to promote The Quarry, and when JoBlo caught up with the actor, they asked him about the evolution of the DC Extended Universe.

Originally spearheaded by filmmaker Zack Snyder, there were ambitious plans for a two-part Justice League movie which was set to take the heroes into a desolate future for a battle against Darkseid. The critical response to Snyder's movie led to Warner Bros. panicking, though, and Snyder was pushed out (in his place, we got a "Frankensteined" version of Justice League from Joss Whedon). 

As for Shannon, the Man of Steel star doesn't understand where things went wrong. "I love working with Zack Snyder, and I think it’s very sad...he’s been through a lot of hardship recently. I don’t know what happened with that whole DC thing. I think it’s a shame. I mean, his vision for Man of Steel, I thought, was incredible. I don’t know how that all went off the rails, but I think it’s a shame."

"I don’t know what happened," he continued. "People think I’m in Batman v Superman, which I guess I am, for like fifteen seconds. I’m mainly in Batman v Superman as a giant, naked, rubber dummy, which I didn’t have anything to do with really."

Well, that finally settles the debate over whether Shannon was actually in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he clearly enjoyed working with Snyder. Jesse Eisenberg recently made similar comments, so he clearly wasn't out of his depth making these DC Comics movies. 

Are you disappointed that Snyder never got to complete his vision for this shared world?

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