Zack Snyder Originally Envisioned MAN OF STEEL As "Chapter One" Of A Five-Part Story

Zack Snyder Originally Envisioned MAN OF STEEL As "Chapter One" Of A Five-Part Story

Zack Snyder's plans for the DC Films Universe came to a sudden end when Joss Whedon replaced him on Justice League but it's now been revealed that he had a grand plan for Superman's story arc in the DCEU.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it quickly became clear that Zack Snyder had some big plans for the DC Films Universe. Unfortunately, Joss Whedon taking charge of Justice League meant that almost all of those were never able to come to fruition and we'll now never know what he had in store for these characters. Of all the superheroes, though, Superman's future remains most intriguing. 

We saw The Flash warn Bruce Wayne that he had to save "her" (meaning Lois Lane) and then what appeared to be a glimpse at a world where Darkseid has taken charge and Superman has joined him.

Now, Jay Oliva - who has directed animated movies like The Flashpoint Paradox and The Dark Knight Returns as well as storyboarding Man of Steel and Batman v Superman - has revealed on Twitter that Snyder was originally planning a five movie arc for the Man of Steel which would have culminated in a release he's unable/unwilling to reveal. Honestly, that would have been downright epic to see. 

After all, while the director's take on Superman wasn't what everyone wanted, seeing this story arc play out would have been a lot of fun. Unfortunately, moviegoers made it clear that they didn't want a dark and brooding Supes, so Snyder's plans were quickly scrapped by Warner Bros. and it is what it is!

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