Mary Louise Parker Studying up for Lois Lane Role?

Mary Louise Parker Studying up for Lois Lane Role?

Jim from Silverlake had an interesting tid-bit about a possible Lois pick for the Superman Reboot.

In case you don't know who she is, Mary is starring in another comic book movie (RED) right now alongside Bruce Willis. Here's what Jim says...

I use to run a comics website back in '99 called inked offering. Now run a book store. Anyway, being a fan of CBM, thought you and your troops might be interested in knowing - I'm sure you will - that Mary Louise Parker (Red) came in today and purchased three Superman graphic novels, including Death.

She was very nice but wouldn't say what they were for. Anyway, my assumptions are likely getting the better than me but is it all possible they're casting Lois older? Is that where the Jon Hamm rumors came from? It's all older?

Anyway, this might be of interest to a comic fan. Drop in sometime if you're in Silverlake.


Thanks Jim! Keep sending in the scoops!
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