Michael Shannon on Superman: Man of Steel Script

Michael Shannon on Superman: Man of Steel Script

Michael Shannon on <I>Superman: Man of Steel</i> Script

Taking some time out from answering questions about Boardwalk Empire Michael Shannon answers a few questions about the script and his approach to playing General Zod. Jump in for more.

/>Michael Shannon believes that everything is in the writing when it comes to movies so when he sat down with the guys over at BlackBooks.com it was inevitable that the question would pop up:

For something like Man of Steel, if that script was mediocre, would you have still done it just because it’s Superman?
I would still want the script to be ready to go. One of the main things on that is that Chris Nolan and David Goyer were in there writing the script, and those guys know what they’re doing. It can’t just be because it’s Superman. There’s no promises anybody’s going to automatically love the movie just because it’s Superman. There still has to be quality in all aspects of it. And yeah, I felt very confident making the decision to be involved because of the script, and because of Zack’s work as well.

And following on from the interviews main focus Boardwalk Empire:

How do you go from playing someone like Donnie who’s so grounded in reality to someone like General Zod who’s obviously a complete fabrication? Is it the same kind of approach as an actor?
Yeah, because it ultimately comes down to the imagination. Even if you’re playing a real person or someone from a walk of life you may be able to identify with, there’s always an aspect that’s left up to the imagination. Like I was saying earlier with a lot of things that Donnie’s done that I’ve never done. I’ve never robbed a crack house, I’ve never even picked up a hitchhiker, and I’ve also never had a conversion experience, or shot up heroin. But even though those things are grounded in Earth reality, it doesn’t mean that I necessarily have all the information without using my imagination.

I am really looking forward to see Shannon portraying General Zod as he has always been on of my favourite actors - and its interesting that he wouldn't have taken it on just because it was a Superman movie, and he also believes the movie will need to have a quality behind it to appeal to fans!
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