More From Zack Snyder : His Movie Making Process & Why He's Different From Most Directors

More From Zack Snyder : His Movie Making Process & Why He's Different From Most Directors

While talking to Japan Times, Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder explains his movie making process and why he is different from other directors. Two words : TV Commercials. Hit the jump to find out more!

In a lengthy interview with Japan Times, Zack Snyder touched upon why he felt he approaches his movies with a different perspective than most other directors. Of the subject he says

“I always say that making movies is like being an architect,The scale of the project, the sheer number of people that have to be involved, dealing with the abstract on a daily basis before we can even glimpse the completed product emerging — the conditions are very similar. And there’s a lot of compromise. It’s always (about) how much of your vision you’re willing to sacrifice to get the product made. For both directors and architects, it’s easy to get all tyrannical. It’s weird, but a lot of directors get dictatorial when they come on the set. I’m not, and I think it’s because I’ve made a lot of commercials. I’ve made some for Japan, too. Making a commercial is a whole different story from making a movie. You can believe in your vision, but in the end, you’re selling the product for the client. I’m glad I did the commercials…it allowed me to thicken my skin for dealing with difficulties in movie-making.”

He also goes on to talk about what he feels a good movie should be able to accomplish.

“Chris and I tend to like the same movies,“For me, a good movie has a pokey feel, and its surface has sharp edges. It’s hard to hold in your hand, but fascinating to look at. The ‘Hollywood committee,’ on the other hand, is always trying to get rid of those edges, to make it softer, lighter, more palatable. Those movies are easier to sit through and accept but once the lights come on you’ve forgotten all about it. It winds up not moving you, and the experience doesn’t stay. The best movies are the ones that cut you a little. When I go to the movies, I hope to be moved. Otherwise, why bother?”

There's a lot more interesting things says about Superman in the original article so click the link below if you wanna read more. But what do you think about his opinions? Do you agree? Does these statements help you understand the director more than you did before? Leave your thoughts at the usual place!
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