My Opinion on the New Man Of Steel Suit and The Reboot Suit in general.

My Opinion on the New Man Of Steel Suit and The Reboot Suit in general.

Rant on the WB choosing the reboot suit over the classic.

I recently saw a few set photos of the Superman costume for the Man of Steel. Apparently it is too much to ask for the classic costume. Apparently WB thinks thinks this reboot costume will fly for veteran fans of Superman. I'm more conservative when it comes to hero's costumes. Although half of fans called for an update to the costume half also called for the classic to stay. Why did the new suit win out over the classic? I think it's mainly to do with the big DC Comics reboot and bringing in more readers of the newer comics to the theaters with a similar costume.

However the suit worn by Henry already has had some liberties taken with the costume already throw on the no trunks part of the costume and then the design just falls apart and turns to complete shit. Using the wrong emblem shield for starters. The suit's material looks quite rubber like and padded but i think it will look a little better on actual film but by then i couldn't give a shit about because it's not the original.

I like the old costume better than the reboot suit and i think is better. Why do I think this? You could call me a DC Fanboy and call it quits. The suit is simple and recognized by practically everyone. The original design is simple, colorful and is pretty solid from a visual design aspect. The main part of Superman's costume is a blue body suit. The trunks help to break up the blue and help unify his color scheme as well. Most of the time the trunks seem to be part of the body suit. The boots and cape separate from the main body suit. Without the trunks the only red on the body suit is found in the emblem or shield. When the trunks are gone the focus of the costume is pulled towards the blue body suit because the eye is drawn to larger objects defined by color.

I think it is a big insult to older fans to change the costume after all this time. Nothing was wrong with the old suit. I hear reasons like its outdated and uncool or his costume doesn't make sense because it isn't armored. I don't think it needed changed at all. The armor idea just sounds stupid as hell. The part about it being outdated its part of the character now for a lot of people. The costume makes the hero identifiable. Changing it for the sake of change usually leads to inferior designs taking its place like the reboot suit did. There will probably be some who go i thought this was Superman when they see this new costume in the movie.
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