Neal Adams Talks MAN OF STEEL; Briefly Touches On SUPERMAN RETURNS

Neal Adams Talks MAN OF STEEL; Briefly Touches On SUPERMAN RETURNS

Comic book artist Neal Adams recently sat down and talked to Kevin Smith on his Fatman On Batman podcast. Having praised what Marvel had done with the Avengers, he talked about Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel and briefly shared his thoughts on Bryan Singer's Superman returns.

Man Of Steel was a film that split comic fans' opinions, and to this day people are still discussing whether it was a good film or not, as well as debating several controversial scenes that happened in the movie. On the Fat Man on Batman podcast with Kevin Smith, comic book artist Neal Adams shared his thoughts on Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel. He  talked about the infamous neck snap scene, "And then at the end, what did he do? He killed a guy. Can’t put his hand over his eyes? I’m just saying…put your hand over his eyes. That would stop it pretty much. One arm is around the throat, put the other hand in front of his eyes. That’s pretty much it. Take him off to the moon or Saudi Arabia or someplace, and finish the battle there.”  He continued, “The other thing that they did too. I don’t know…there’s like a rivet in the back of what-his-name’s head that makes his eyes not move like our eyes can move. Like there are people over there…all I have to do is go like that, and they’re dead. Why are his eyes traveling the movement of his head.”  He certainly raises a good point. Do you guys agree with him?

Neal then talked about the final battle involving Superman and Zod, emphasizing on location. He added," But why were they fighting in Metropolis? I don’t understand…even the Kelvinator movies…I’m sorry I was just joking…the robot movies...Transformers movies, they went to Saudi Arabia to fight. They’re knocking down the Sphinx and stuff, but they’re not so many people. They’re in the middle of nowhere. They could have gone on the moon, but as soon as Superman hits a building, it’s going to fall down. Didn’t we lose 500 people there? It feels weird.” The destruction in the film sparked many debates and was heavily criticized by critics and fans alike, many feeling it was way too much, while others felt it was necessary to show the consequences of two Gods fighting. Does Neal make a valid point?

The artist wasn't too fond of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns either,  “You would think they would be super-sensitive with this movie, and not make those kinds of stupid mistakes. Because the previous movie [Superman Returns] had more Kryptonite than you could ever have and still Superman was alive. You had a whole island of Kryptonite, and then you had him go away for…I don’t know…they said I think six of seven years, they said five years, but he comes back and the kid's…I don’t know…twelve years old. He’s got a bastard son. That changes the plot a whole lot. I don’t understand where that came from. You would think after that movie they would be very careful about what they wrote so you would go, ‘Ah, thank goodness, I’m fine with this now.’ But no, it just made everybody more nervous, while Marvel is doing all these great movies.” What do you guys think? Do you agree with Neal's overall thoughts on both films? Leave your thoughts down below.

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