POLL: How Do You Feel About British Actors Playing American CBM Characters?

POLL: How Do You Feel About British Actors Playing American CBM Characters?

Today, a British actor was cast as an American icon. Does that bother you? How about the fact that we also have UK actors playing Spider-Man, Batman, Loki, Magneto and Sinestro to name a few? Hit the jump to share your thoughts and hear mine...

I found it interesting to see things kick off a little in the comments section of the Superman casting article. It seems that a few people are not too happy with a British actor being cast as the American icon. And it's not just on CBM either. There seems to be a fair amount of controversy across the entire internet. And to an extent, I suppose that it is understandable. Superman might be an alien from another planet, but it's America he's most closely associated with.

Hell, pretty much every comic book character is American! As they were created there, it's understandable. But here we are with a British Batman, Spider-Man, Magneto, Sinestro, Loki, Odin, Beast, Charles Xavier and Kick-Ass. (to name a few off the top of my head) As a Brit, this isnt really all that much of a big deal in my opinion. As long as the person is a good actor and can do the role, and accent, justice I really don't care where they're from. There should be some exceptions, with Captain America being the main example, but American actor Robert Downey Jr gave both a great performance and nailed the accent in Sherlock Holmes, so I wasnt at all bothered about him not hailing from the UK despite playing a British icon.

What do you guys think? Should we keep American actors for American characters? Would you really be ok with losing Christian Bale as Batman or Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man? As a Brit, I love seeing some of our best actors kicking ass in Hollywood, but can understand to an extent where some of these feelings are coming from. For example, I probably wouldnt be best pleased with an American James Bond! Here's your chance to share your thoughts about this!

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