POLL: What Do You Think Of The MOS Superman Suit Now?

POLL: What Do You Think Of The <i>MOS</i> Superman Suit Now?

Now that we have had a much closer look at the suit Henry Cavill will sport as Supes in Zack Snyder's reboot, what do you make of the new details?

So we now know that Zack Snyder's Superman will be ditching the red undies. But we also now know that the overall design of the outfit will be very different from anything we have seen before. We have a much darker look than any previous incarnations as well as some additions to the back and sides just above the waist, giving the impression of a type of belt. As well as similarly designed gauntlets. The cape for the most part remains pretty similar, with early worries that it would be approaching a wine/burgundy color instead of it's classic red quashed by the above pics. Cavill has clearly got into great shape for the role but there appears to be some "enhancements" to the suit too.

So what do you think of the suit now that every last little detail is on display?

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