Report from Man of Steel casting call/ Plano, Illinois/ First Possible Set Pics!!

Report from Man of Steel casting call/ Plano, Illinois/ First Possible Set Pics!!

One of the many loyal CBM members traveled to Chicago and Plano, Illinois yesterday for the Superman: Man of Steel extras casting call. Here is what he saw/heard.

Reports from Man of Steel casting call/ Plano, Illinois/ Possible first set pics!

Loyal CBM member Jake Rapp traveled to Chicago, Illinois yesterday (6/25/2011) for the Man of Steel extras casting call. I spoke with him on the phone last night and here is what he had to report:

The casting call was quick and methodical. People were lined around the block to get in. He was one of the first to go. They were taking five people at a time, asking two or three simple questions, taking the application, and then snapping a picture of each applicant. Jake said that while it was exciting, it was over before he knew it.

This is where the story gets good. Jake decided, since he had the rest of the day to play around, he would drive to Plano. The small town will be the double for Smallville in the upcoming Superman film. This is what he saw:

Plano is a very “Norman Rockwell” type small town. Perfect for Smallville. Jake said that he drove around a bit just getting a feel for the town. He decided to stop and ask a police officer if he had any info about filming. The officer reported that there were some temporary structures being built in town that were to be used for the Man of Steel filming. He also explained that the site for the Kent farm had not been revealed, but suggested that it would be close to town. The officer also said that they had all been informed that their town would only be featured in about fifteen minutes of the film.

Jake had a Plano resident confirm what he had been told about the buildings and filming. Below are what could be the first possible set pics from Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel. Jake reported that there was security present, so he couldn’t get too close. These are pics from his cell phone.

 You will notice that one of the buildings has a tree growing right in the middle. This is another sign that the structure is temporary and will be torn down after filming.

A big thanks to Jake Rapp for the phone interview and pics! Also, thanks Jake for providing me with my geek out moment of the week.

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