RUMOR: Is Nathan Fillion Being Considered For Superman?

RUMOR: Is Nathan Fillion Being Considered For Superman?

This is all just a rumor, but Nathan Fillion could maybe be the guy to put on Superman's suit?

Here on Comic Book Movie, we all were delighted to see an article which seemed to confirm the rumors that Jonah Nolan was (all but set) to direct the Superman film (which is neither a reboot/sequel, just a Superman film). Then, thankfully, the rumor of Zachary Levi auditioning was debunked. No offense to Levi, I think he has a good look for the role but I really dont want to see him take it on. There are WAY better actors, and at this point with the Superman films, you need to make it all top notch!

Now this is a rumor, so dont necessarily take it as CONFIRMATION or anything, you should treat it just like how we all treated the rumors that Zachary Levi auditioned... but could Nathan Fillion be Superman?

I know that everyone is anti-no sources, so yeah, you are NOT going to see a source on the bottom, but that is because I have heard some very credible "rumblings" between different people that DC wants "Castle" as Superman. Now considering they apparently are considering a "tv star" that we wont expect in the role, it very well could be Fillion, I dont think we all ever really thought about that!

You know of all TV stars, it does actually seem quite feasible. Fillion can do everything that was mentioned to happen in the film, so I see this having some possible credence. Heck, he really does have an inappropriate build for it as well...
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