SDCC '11: Henry Cavill Talks How Training For Immortals Prepared Him for Superman; Bulked Up For Man of Steel

SDCC '11: Henry Cavill Talks How Training For <i>Immortals</i> Prepared Him for Superman; Bulked Up For <i/>Man of Steel</i>

While being interviewed for Immortals, Henry Cavill spoke about his training, preparing for the role of Superman, celebrity status and how humbled he feels to be chosen to be the Man of Steel.

After their Hall H panel presentation at Comic-Con, Henry Cavill and Tarsem Singh spoke with members of the press about the Greek god film Immortals. The pair spoke about the film's tone, CGI and the film being shot in 3D. The British actor was asked about how he was preparing for Superman. Click on the link below for the full interview.

Henry, what was the physical training like, to prepare for this, and how did it get you ready to play Superman?

Henry Cavill: "The physical training was extensive and exhausting. I think I was doing 9 to 5, at one stage, with the training. You certainly learn a lot, when you go through that process once. You learn about how to do it more efficiently the second time. Although I’ve had a trainer both times, it’s a very different kind of thing for this next job (Superman). For example, I’m 25 pounds heavier now than I was in Immortals. That is enough said, really. It’s prepared me, mentally. When you have that negotiation, when you’re training and you get to that rep which is difficult, and you know you’ve got 10 more reps to go in that one set, and another five sets after that, and you say, 'I don’t really have to do this. I can do something else. If I just put the weights down and have a bit more rest, it will be fine.' It teaches you how to negotiate and win the negotiation, and how to notice the lie in your head, which is, 'Oh, it hurts it’s dangerous,' as opposed to, 'Yeah, it hurts, but that’s good.' As my new trainer says, it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun. That’s very telling."

Henry, what’s it like for you now, with all this attention that’s on you? Is it something that you’re able to just tune out and focus on the work, or is it hard to not be distracted by it?

You make a choice, whether you focus on the – and I hate the word – celebrity aspect of it, or not. I have chosen not to. I know I can’t make everyone happy, but I know I can do the most justice I can possibly do to a character, or any character, if I put my all into it. That’s the choice you have to make.

While he was at Comic-Con, Andrew Garfield spoke about the awesome responsibility of stepping into the Spider-Man costume. Are you thinking about that with Superman?

Henry Cavill: "It’s very humbling to be chosen to represent such an enormous character with so much depth to it as well, but at the same time, it’s a true honor. I want to do justice to the character and I want to be the right guy for the job. I want to prove them right, much like Zeus."
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