Eric Martsolf, a.k.a. Booster Gold from Smallville, Interview

Eric Martsolf, a.k.a. Booster Gold from Smallville, Interview

On Saturday, April 30th, I had the oppertunity to meet with Eric Martsolf at the Stamford Plaza Hotel where he was doing autographs and pictures for fans. Martsolf is most known for his role on "Days of Our Lives", but he is best known to all of us for portraying Booster Gold on last week's Smallville episode written by Geoff Johns entitled "Booster". Click the jump to hear what he had to say!!

For those of you that are Smallville fans who watched last week's "Booster" episode, you all know who Eric Martsolf is. He is the talented actor who had the great oppertunity to portray the golden guardian himself, Booster Gold. While in the show, Eric portrayed an egotistical, glory grabbing hero from the future, in reality, Eric is an extremely nice guy.

When I first approached the autograph line, I quickly learned that most of the people attending were there for his role in the soap opera "Days of Our Lives". When reaching the table, I asked him if I was the first person to approach him with Booster Gold stuff to sign. He replied, "Yes, actually, you are." And he had a good laugh for that.

I asked him what it was like shooting up in Vancouver on the Smallville sets:

"You know, it's funny. I was there for, like, two weeks. I maybe saw the sun once. But the sets were really cool and it was just a lot of fun shooting that episode."

What was it like working with Tom Welling?:

"Honestly, Tom is was running a round like a 12-year-old. He's saying, "Okay, so first you're gonna be doing this, then you're going to swing your arm out and laser blast him 100 feet, and then we'll do this and this." He was really A LOT of fun to work with."

I always thought Tom Welling was a little more serious and closed off?

"Oh God, no (he laughs). Tom is a big kid. He really loves these characters and loves what he does."

I finished by asking him to sign two Booster Gold comics that I had with me. He was so enthusiastic when I showed them to him. He clearly loves the character and really enjoyed playing him. He even asked me:

"Oh man, these look cool. I love this cover, where'd you get it?" I told him there was a good comic shop a block down the road across the street. "I am definately heading over there and picking up some of these today." He later added, "You, me, and the other fans, we really gotta get to work on convincing Geoff (Johns) to write a Booster Gold tv series. Even if it's not me playing Booster (he laughed). It's just such a cool character. I mean, he's already come back from the future, right? So that's taken care of and you could even have some fun with him traveling through time in the series. I'd love to see more of Booster Gold in tv."

It ended with me asking to grab a quick photo with him and he agreed. After the picture was taken he said, "Oh, come on, man. You GOTTA do a Booster pose with me." I really cannot express how nice of a guy he is and just how much he loves the character of Booster and Smallville.
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