TITANS Star Alan Ritchson Reveals He Almost Returned In CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS As SMALLVILLE's Aquaman

TITANS Star Alan Ritchson Reveals He Almost Returned In CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS As SMALLVILLE's Aquaman

Alan Ritchson currently plays Hawk in Titans, but the actor has now revealed that he very nearly ended up reprising the role of Smallville's Aquaman in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover...

Alan Ritchson made quite an impact as Arthur Curry/Aquaman in Smallville, but it seems like we can forget about seeing the actor reprise that role in The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. 

These days, he plays Hank Hall/Hawk in DC Universe's Titans, and while time will tell whether that team makes an appearance during this epic four-parter, scheduling issues unfortunately closed the door on Ritchson being able to take part in the scenes which will take us back to the world of Smallville

"They did reach out to me. We tried to work it out," he confirms. "We were shooting and it was a very difficult schedule for us. We were shooting three episodes at once all the time. I would have had to leave the country and come back in to get a permit specifically for that show. I did want to participate. We tried to work it out. I’m happy that everybody is getting to come back."

"I’m especially happy for the fans," Ritchson continued. "That’s why we do this. Those shows are like a bonanza for the fans. I wish I could have been a part of it."

It's obviously a great shame that things didn't work out, but you have to believe that Crisis on Infinite Earths will still have plenty of surprises for us and there's always a chance the actor isn't telling the whole truth here in order to avoid his cameo leaking. For now, though, Aquaman is off the table. 

Check out the most revealing behind the scenes
photos from the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover!

While he's wearing the Kingdom Come costume from the comics, the prevailing theory is that Brandon Routh is playing the same version of the Man of Steel we saw in Superman Returns

This photo might confirm that as we learn Clark Kent has become The Daily Planet's E-i-C!


Look who's back! Jonah Hex first appeared in Legends of Tomorrow and he's clearly someone the team will be recruiting during this crossover. With any luck, that will land him in the present day on a permanent basis (fans have been anxious to see him join the team for a while now as well). 


He's baaaack! Wearing an outfit bound to be familiar to fans of Smallville, Tom Welling will indeed reprise the role of Clark Kent and...well, time will tell whether he also suits up as Superman. 

One thing we do know is that Michael Rosenbaum has said "no" to playing Lex Luthor again.


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We've obviously seen Superman meet the Flash (on both the big and small screens), but it's hard not to get a kick out of seeing the Fastest Man Alive standing alongside both the classic version of the Man of Steel and the much older, Kingdom Come Supes played by the Superman Returns star.


We haven't been able to confirm whether this is real or fake, but evidence is mounting that we will also visit the world of Tim Burton's Batman during Crisis on Infinite Earths. As you can see, an Easter Egg will seemingly be included which reveals what happened next in this Caped Crusader's life. 


Alex Danvers is openly gay and so is Batwoman, so their first meeting promises to be a lot of fun for fans of the characters. Whether there will be any romantic chemistry between them remains to be seen, but you have to believe that there are a lot of people out there shipping this particular duo. 


Brandon Routh will be suiting up as Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but that doesn't mean Ray Palmer also won't have a role to play. As you can see, time-travel will somehow factor into the event and it's then that we'll come face to face with Ray as we knew him when he was part of Arrow


This incredible group shot not only brings together a number of iconic superheroes, but it also offers a first look at Tom Cavanagh as Pariah, a scientist whose planet was saved by The Monitor. 

Something that's really attention grabbing here, though, is the inclusion of Black Lightning!


Sometimes you gotta take the controls! #legendsoftomorrow #flash #blacklightning #crisisoninfiniteearths

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Talking of Black Lightning, his adventures are obviously set in a universe separate to the one inhabited by characters like Green Arrow and the Flash. Well, he's entering this world in a huge way for Crisis on Infinite Earths and, as you can see in this set video, he's taking charge of the Waverider!


Things aren't looking good for Green Arrow, and considering the fact that his series is set to reach its end this year, common sense says that he'll be making the sacrifice once intended for the Flash. It seems appropriate that Oliver Queen will make a Tony Stark-style exit in the event, though. 


Cress Williams is clearly having a blast getting to meet up with his fellow superheroes, and that's evident from this photo of him and Grant Gustin. Seeing how the vigilante interacts with these larger than life characters promises to be a lot of fun, and it looks like he fits right in. 


Shared by Legends of Tomorrow star Tala Ashe, this behind the scenes photo offers another great look at the comic accurate suit Brandon Routh will be wearing when he returns as Superman.

This may also confirm that he spends quite a bit of time with the time-travelling Legends. 


Lois Lane meets Lois Lane in this recent behind the scenes photo, and given how different Erica Durance and Elizabeth Tulloch's interpretations of the character are, it's obviously going to be great fun seeing how they interact. After all, we know they're both extremely strong-willed.


We never expected to see Superman in the Arrowverse, but that changed in Supergirl a few years ago and we now have two of them! There will, of course, be a third but no one is really expecting Tom Welling to don the iconic costume after the way things played out in the Smallville finale. 


A much better look at Tom Welling as Clark Kent, he's pictured here alongside his Arrowverse counterpart and that Man of Steel's version of Lois Lane. It looks like we'll visit Kent Farm and catch up with the Smallville lead, but, once again, we remain unsure whether he'll see any action. 
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