A naughty '70s superhero movie called Ms. Magnificant hoped to cash in on the buzz surrounding the live-action Superman movie.

In an article that best fits in a category I like to call Tales of the What's That Now?, CBR did some digging and discovered that a soft-core porn movie was made in 1977 in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of Richard Donner's Superman. Originally titled Super-Woman, the film was retitled Ms. Magnificant after DC Comics sued for copyright infringement (they had published a Superwoman story in Action Comics #60 back in the '40s).

Since it was a cheapo production, the film editors cut out the name "Super-Woman" in every scene where it was uttered, leaving no audio instead of over-dubbing, and they manually scratched the "S" off of the busty chest of the lead actress, Desiree Cousteau, frame by frame.

The tagline of the movie was:

Ms. Magnificant does two things extremely of them is fly!!!"

If that's not bad enough, Ms. Magnificant's one weakness happens to be a certain green substance fashioned into a long cylindrical...female toy.
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