SUPERMAN: Henry Cavill Returns To The DCEU With A New Look And Costume In Cool Fan-Art

SUPERMAN: Henry Cavill Returns To The DCEU With A New Look And Costume In Cool Fan-Art

We still don't know what the deal is with Henry Cavill's rumored return to the DC Extended Universe as Superman, and some new fan-art shows what the English actor could look like as the Man of Steel!

Warner Bros. may have enlisted Zack Snyder to finish his version of Justice League for HBO Max, but the DC Extended Universe appears to be moving on from his vision for the most part.

When Henry Cavill makes his rumored return to this comic book world in an upcoming film like Black Adam or Green Lantern, it seems likely he will have a new look, and that's depicted in some cool new fan-art. Another piece reveals a kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman, a romance it's possible could be explored on the big screen now. 

The Man of Steel's makeover is a success, though, and this is definitely a costume which would work on screen. Look closely, and you'll notice that this Superman seems to be a little older as Cavill's hairline has receded slightly. 

Given how slow Warner Bros. has been in bringing him back to the DCEU, he might even be bald by the time it finally happens. 

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