Superman: Man Of Steel....The Video Game, Will We Get One?

Superman: Man Of Steel....The Video Game, Will We Get One?

With the new movie coming out in 2013, are we to expect anything less than an amazing next-gen game as well? Let's discuss...

We all remember the cancelled Superman game that was in development back in 2009 by Factor 5 for the next-gen systems PS3 and XBOX360. We learned that it was cancelled over debt issues and contributing parties involved going out of business. It looked truly amazing, especially given that all we really saw were images and video from early on in its development. By the way, you can find the link to Factor 5's efforts in the POLL below.

Now, we also remember that with Nolan's 2005 release of Batman Begins, that we got also a Batman Begins video game for the PS2, XBOX, and GAME CUBE, which overall received good reviews. It was a new beginning and although it seemed routine at was a fun play. Then, as TDK was in production and almost ready for its release, we learned that we would NOT be getting a TDK video game based off the movie. Instead we were gifted with the awesomeness of Batman: Arkham Asylum....and oh did we praise it. In fact, we are now salivating over its next installment entitled Batman: Arkham City.

So, given the information at present, what are we to expect from the Superman franchise? We know that Snyder's Watchmen was developed for the next-gen machines...will his Man of Steel also be developed for them or will we be getting a Superman: Suicide Slums type of game that is not based on the revamped hero?

Of course only time will tell but I am expecting WB to pull the cork out and really take that leap of faith that they soooo desperately need to take in order to really launch their flagship character to new heights. Superman Returns the game simply wasn't enough. We need something more. Something that will give us all that we have hoped for in a Superman game. With the technology that is available to us, there is no excuse for making this another mediocre effort. It needs to be visually realistic and cutting edge a la UNCHARTED franchise where GamePro quoted it as being 'about as cutting edge as we've seen thus far'.

It needs to give us free roaming...if we wish to reach outer space.....why not? We should feel as though there is nothing holding Superman back from where he needs to go. Perhaps several missions throughout the world, and each mission is free roaming.

Lastly it needs to have a well written script that can rival with Hollywood cinema. As GamePro bragged on the Uncharted franchise by saying 'if this keeps up, the Matthew McConaugheys and Nicolas Cages of the world will all be out of a job...' Heck...i would even go as far to say to let the creators of Uncharted helm the project. Naughty Dog.

So do we deserve a well crafted Superman game where we can not only believe a man can fly but in a sense believe that WE can fly too? I say YES and i wouldn't demand anything less than just that.

Feel free to leave your flight paths below. Primary colors only please. :)

Naterator Out!
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