Superman Reboot by NightAvenger4-UPDATE

Superman Reboot by NightAvenger4-UPDATE

This my Cast for the next Superman installment!

I put some Original choices on here as well as old ones.
Here they are!

Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent

Paul Bettany as Lex Luthor

He’s a great actor and has the Evil Look

Michelle Monaghan as Lois Lane

Thanks to Tyler for this one!

Craig T Nelson and Diane Keaton as Jonathan and Martha Kent

Jesse Eisenberg as Jimmy Olsen

Nice Pick Tyler!

Tommy Lee Jones as Perry White

Another by Tyler!

Thomas Jane as Metallo

Doug Jones as Parasite(Justice version)

-It Starts with Flash-Backs
-Clark and Superman arrive
-Luthor shows his hatred for Superman
-Luthor Creates Parasite/Metallo
-Parasite-Rudy Jones is a Small Town robber who learns of a large shipment of money(really chemicals),The whole spill happens=Parasite
Metallo-I changed his origin a bit-John Corben is a Mercenary who was caught by Superman while trying to kill a diplomat(hired by Luthor),Well the diplomat strikes back and blows up Corben while being transported in a Swat truck.His body is Never found.Because Luthor took it.He makes up a "my mistake i'll fix it" lie=Metallo
-He uses Metallo,Parasite,and his own mechanical creations to try to kill Superman

Wait until part two!
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