SUPERMAN: RED SON Movie Not Happening, But CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Will Have An Impact On The Movies

SUPERMAN: RED SON Movie Not Happening, But CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Will Have An Impact On The Movies

The "Multiverse 101" panel included some very interesting reveals, and it sounds like the concept of a Multiverse will have a major impact on both the big and small screens moving forward. Check it out...

During the "Multiverse 101" panel at DC FanDome, DC Films President Walter Hamada shared plenty of new intel about how the DC Extended Universe will work moving forward. Confirming that the big screen Flash's appearance in Crisis on Infinite Earths was canon, he also appeared to reveal that the small screen Barry Allen was responsible for creating the Multiverse. 

Moving forward, it seems like there's no longer going to be rules in place which stop certain characters appearing on television when they're earmarked for an upcoming movie, as Hamada explained that they're confident audiences are able to distinguish between different versions of these heroes and villains (something we've all known as fans for quite some time now). 

"It became the situation where fans just want to see the characters, you can have The Flash on TV and in movies," he said, "and, going forward, there are more opportunities to do this and use the medium in ways we haven't used it before." 

Talk also turned to possibly telling more Elseworlds-style stories similar to last year's Joker, and to that Hamada responded: "Our focus is telling great stories. If it would work as an Elseworld, we would do that. It's when the right filmmaker and the right story come together. The possibility is there. If we come across the right filmmaker with a great story that doesn't work within our existing timeline, we would definitely explore it."

Unfortunately, it was at this point he debunked rumours of a Superman: Red Son movie being in the works! That would have been a cool announcement for DC FanDome, but it's never been more than something reported on fan sites. On the plus side, DC TV creator Greg Berlanti did indicate that the door is now open to more film and television crossovers thanks to the events of Crisis!

So, there's a lot to digest there, but the DC Multiverse is clearly opening up a lot of new doors...

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