Superman Returns - Sequel or Reboot?

Superman Returns - Sequel or Reboot?

Superman Returns - Sequel or Reboot?

We all know that The next Superman film has been under question...

1 question what the story should be about

2 who should direct

3 who should be the next villian

4 who should be on the cast

5 Will there be a sequel

Now we all know Superman Returns was not as action packed as a lot of you thought it would be but since they have rebooted the series you dont need to explain the origin or why there was an abstince of a superman film the last 20 years now that they have exsplained what has been going on we can now go on to more action packed Supes films.

Answer to Question 1- we need a story to base the movie on well i say we look at the 90's death of superman since bryan singer (director of x-men 1&2 superman returns) added super son in SR i say we start off the story another 7 years later. superman is finaly excepted back into the daily life of metropolis & lois lane's previous lover from SR has left her 6 years before. he takes there son with him and she never hears from him again.
now lois is romantically involved with superman once again.

Answer 2 i think gavin hood or christopher nolan should direct.

Answer 3 now as i told you its been 7 years and every thing seems to be going right luthor is out of jail but is not the main villian hes ia a side villian the movie would begin with a fist smashing the side of a steel wall later in the film you will see doomsday bashing his way threw the wall and then it will begin the fight scene of a life time now keep in mind the movie will end with the death of superman.

Answer 4

Clark/Superman-brandon routh

Lois unknown some one who looks more mature not kate bosworth

Jimmy-Sam Huntington

perry white-Frank Langella

cat grant will be a new character added to help lois and jimmy over there grieving of superman

Answer 5
yes there will be sequels if it turns out right

first sequel will be based on the funeral and the merge of new superman wich will include the son from SR as superboy suffering amnesia from a man that killed richard his dad

and that is the plan i have put out for the reboot
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