So how can DC excel in its TV Division competing with the likes of Marvel? Here, I offer a solution and an idea that can maybe do the universe good.

Everybody knows that DC's Television Division is growing stronger and stronger by the day. Already having four TV Shows in one channel, with another one being developed, they are already proving to expand their universes within television. These shows are already making Warner Brothers over 2 billion dollars, so these series are proving themselves to pay off in the end. 

But here's the thing, these series are not being used to their maximum potential to increase the feasability and the quality of the Multiversity. Since the CW Shows and the DCEU are two distinct universes, then why not form another one that can put two and two together and make the Multiversity one as it is supposed to be in one of the most high-quality shows ever to be showcased. Marvel has Netflix, Hulu, and ABC; Warner Brothers has HBO. With Marvel having proven the investment in these high-quality shows, imagine how much more WB can earn if they do the same. But here's where WB/DC can beat Marvel to the punch; they can make the series' universe connected with the films in a way that Marvel can only dream of. Gentlegeeks and gentledorks,  I introduce to you....

This series can be a gateway for both the DC Films Division and the Television Division. This will exclude the CW Series, and it will create another universe different from the ones preceded by it. The Superman series will entail a period piece during the 1940s where Superman fights crime and justice the old traditional way. This series will be an Earth II of sorts. And their characters can be integrated to into the DCEU's Crisis On Infinite Earths film adaptation if chosen. Although its good to have everything connected, this series will not be a prequel to the movie mentioned beforehand. It has to stand on its own, as it does with the Multiverse altogether. 

The show can also integrate history events (WW2, Pearl Harbor, etc) into their stories a la X-Men: First Class or Watchmen.
S      E        A       S       O     N              1   
Truth, Justice, And the American Way

Superman: It's not about the powers. Not the cape. It's about standing up for what's right.
And as long as people like you are out there, I'll be here. Ready to fight alongside my world.

The first panels start up with something similar the series Preacher did, where a rocketship descends from space. Once it crashes. we fast forward right to the beggining of Clark Kent's adult years. The season can start up with Superman starting up his own career as both, the Daily Planet journalist, meeting Lois Lane who starts out seeing him as a coward when Clark fails to stick up for himself under his human persona. What gets him into the Planet? Well, it's a piece from a crisis witnessed in Africa where he reports on the altruistic "fictions" Ms. Lane has reported herself. Except, in this situation, Clark proves to have evidence, whereas Lois had mere speculation of the Superman's existence. Perry mandates Clark to bring in more Superman stuff, and Clark agrees only if he brings Lois as a partner. Perry agrees, and puts Clark in charge (enter comment on Gender Equality / Women's Rights by the loudmouthed Lane). This already gets Lois heated on Clark, so their relationship starts to envelop from here. 

The first season will be an introduction to the Superman family. This includes Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen. This family will be relatively small because Superman will be dealing with grounded crisis from all over the place. His first missions, or arcs, won't be anything supernatural. He will be fighting gang criminals (whom buy out cops, and start gang wars), crooks (busting criminals who take in heists; idea: a crook gets busted up for committing a crime, but confesses to have only done this to raise money for his sickly ill daughter to buy medicine which he cannot afford because big pharma doubled the prices), mobsters (gamblers rigging boxing matches with threats on the players' lives, Superman takes the place of a lookalike boxer to win the bout, while dealing with the gamblers at the same time), corrupt businessmen (American big shots taking aim against the middle class), and corrupt politicians (starting wars to enrich the gun manufacturing industries and themselves). There will be a lot of political and social commentary in this season, which addresses many of the same issues Americans are facing today.

For the sake of a cohesive story, most of these missions would be discovered mid-season to be behind a masterful mastermind that controls a secret society whom runs crime all around the country. This secret society would be composed of the rich who seek enrich themselves. The leader of this secret organization would be the Ultra-Humanite, where he seems to be of highly-advanced intellect. Of course, the jig is up and he gets stopped by the end.
Things can escalate in the second season with the World War II being declared and the government calling on Superman to take on the Nazis and the Axis Powers. But first....

S        E       A      S      O       N           2
The War Years

Batman: Why are you helping me?
Superman: Because I trust you, Bruce.

Luthor is introduced too, being a former member of the Ultra-Humanite's Secret Society, only to form his own biotech-based gang which spreads crime to terrorize Superman. A robbery takes place where Superman stops it, but the damages are beyond repair because of the highly-advanced weapons used. Two Wayne employees have been injured, which forces Bruce to investigate as well. Bruce goes into Metropolis as the Batman, causes a little ruckus where he first meets with Superman. There, they learn that Captain Corben (highly-praised captain of a naval ship) was the head of the operation, so they team up to take him down. Clark convinces Perry to let him go to the Corben's naval cruise with Lois to do a report, and Perry grants him that wish. This mission includes Lois and Clark being assigned to report on a naval ship with Clark, there they meet Bruce Wayne, whose in the ship for the same reason; but the ship gets attacked by Nazi submarines. Clark goes off to fight these naval ships, but he becomes really exasperated quickly, for the naval ship is comandeered by a Captain Corben; Bruce goes in as Batman and finds out that Corben holds radiation of Kryptonite under a bunk (all of this under the orders of Luthor). Superman saves them from the Nazi submarines, and he barely gears the ship out of the way of an iceberg it was about to hit. Clark comes back on board, Lois notices that he is really hurt. She opens up to see if he has any wounds only to uncover the Superman suit Clark has hidden. Lois is upset obviously, but she warms up to him and keeps his secret. Clark overhears Batman forcing a confession out of Corben, so he goes in. Corben spoils that it was Luthor, and the rest closes in as Superman takes Luthor and spoils his master plan of constructing a biotech armor to combat Supes, but cus of budget reasons, this doesn't happen, and Superman/Batman brings Luthor in. Of course, Luthor's lawyers lets him off and he goes out a free man. But in the end, Batman/Superman stay united.

After facing the likes of Luthor, Superman begins to realize the true threat the Nazis pose to the world. There can be an episode where Pearl Harbor is attacked and Clark hears of this through the radio, he goes on to Hawaii to catch the Japanese, but they have fled, so he stays and helps the base out with helping wounding soldiers. This gauges the Man of Steel to join America to fight the Nazis and the Axis Powers. During his trip to Pearl Harbor, he meets up with the Justice Society who agree to do the same thing.

The Justice Society of America (roster: Jay Garrick/Flash, Alan Scott/ Green Lantern, Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Wonder Woman, Sandman, and Johnny Thunder)  can show up as guests for the story arc. There can be a Full Metal Jacket/Private Ryan-esque episode where Superman leads the brigade into battle and witnesses the horrors of warfare on both sides. This can question his morality for what he is doing, and challenge the patriotism of his country. By the end, the season can end with the War being won over, everyone is happy besides, Superman, of course, because of the horrors he's witnessed.  Lois is distressed about this too, changing her opinion about Clark. She says this to Clark. Clark argues that what he was doing was to protect people from getting hurt from a fascist regime. He says that he isn't afraid of anything, except of losing her. And that's the one thing he can't bear. Lois says that he is no one to judge whether a live is worth more than the other,  but Clark responds if he's only supposed to stand aside and let people die. Lois says that he is no one to say what is right and what is wrong, and she leaves him conflicted in taking part of a war such as this. By the end, Superman receives a congratulatory speeh from President Roosevelt as he presents him the Medal of Honor.

Lois arrives to visit Bruce to wish him a happy birthday, and Alfred gladly welcomes her. Lois and Bruce both discuss about the recent War Years with the Nazi Germans. Lois reveals that for the first time, she is afraid of what Clark is capable, having been involved in a war, whose purpose is to simply kill the other enemy. Bruce let's Lois know not to worry about him, but Lois says that she knows how Clark is. That his perspective between wrong and right is black and white; what if something happens where he thinks he's always right. Bruce shares Lois's sympathy, and says something like that...

Bruce: Clark isn't only Superman.
He has a human side to him too.
His deepest weakness isn't a stone made out of Kryptonite, it's his sympathy he has for others.
Deep inside, Clark is a good man. 

Lois becomes comforted and she gives Bruce a birthday present. She also gives him a note to keep for himself. She says that it's for Clark, but to keep it, just in case if anything happens. Bruce agrees and the season ends.

Third season can go a bit more sci-fiish introducing Superman rescuing outer world in other crisis. Here, the Man of Steel will be going toe-to-toe against villains such as Braniac and Mongul. Plus, things will get started with a special adpatation.

S      E      A     S      O      N           3  
Space and Beyond

Superman: Who are you?
Jor-El: Who am I? Who are you
I'm Jor-El of the House of El.

The season will start off with a boom with an adaptation of Moore's classic For the Man Who Has Everything. For the most part, the story will be an exact replica of the actual comic. Panel-to-panel, everything will be practically the same with nothing changed to it. After the Trinity takes down the Mongul, an alien force, this forces Superman to go deep into space and expand his crime-fighting and life-saving out in the stars. Here, we can have Star Trek-esque episodes where Superman visits worlds of other galaxies and nebulas (maybe squeeze in a Green Lantern cameo). Obviously, this series will need some high quality special effects, so it would span shorter than the rest of the seasons. By the end of the season, Superman would marry Lois after she reveals that she's pregnant. A happy ending.

This is an idea for an arc in mind. Do not read this if you do not want to. It's pretty long. If you don't, it won't take away anything from the editorial. Just a little thing I've written up while typing this out.

During these adventures, Superman runs across a biological planet that has the ability to devour other planets. Superman flies towards it, but he gets sucked into a blackhole which infinitely accelerates his speed that causes him to break the barriers between time and space. There, he travels back in time, and ends up in Kandor, Krypton. There, Superman witnesses Krypton's high-level traditions and cultures. He meets his father and his impregnated mother, but he doesn't really reveal his identity to them. He only reveals that he's "related", and that his name is Kal-El. In this arc, they can go through many routes. Since the red sun is there, obviously, Clark won't have his powers. Instead, they can have Kal-El and his father bond through these small moments of his visit, revealing evidences on Krypton's impending doom and how he plans to send his son out of the world to save him from the apocalypse. He also informs him of how he has selected a kindly couple to watch over him over on Earth when the day arrives (here, we can catch glimpses of a young Martha and Jonathan Kent). Jor-El would also be forming 'arc' in Kandor to save themselves from the impossibility, they try to convince many to take shelter, but many of them think Jor-El is crazy. They House of El returns to Kandor only to return to see that it has all been mysteriously dissapeared (enter a Brainiac cameo, of course).

Jor-El, Lara-El and Kal-El investigate what was the cause of this, they begin to believe that it was a tremor that has caused Kandor's sudden dissapearance. They go over to the Firefalls volcano, which is the main source of tremors for quakes in Kandor, to investigate if this has anything to do with Krypton's core collapsing. Another quake errupts, and Kal-El saves his own father from his own death. They take the ship back to Krypton's capital, where they see General Zod forming a coup and overthrowing the government in place. Long story short, Superman saves his parents from getting killed after Zod's arrest. They get into the ship to make their escape, but Zod's ship blasts the shields of Jor-El's ship rendering it helpless. Kal-El makes the "sacrifice", and takes the emergency shuttle to drive it into Zod's ship. He'll crash it, and once he does, he's going to take the transporter and transport them over to the Phantom Zone so that they will be gone for good. The House of El bids their farewells, and as they bid their farewells, Lara mentions that she'll name her baby boy after the man that has saved their lives. Superman does as he planned out, but amidst the transportation beam to the Phantom Zone, they exit the nebula, thus Superman's powers come back in track. This causes him to fly out of the stream away from the Phantom Zone, but he flies out so fast that he breaks the barriers once more to return to the present. After realizing how short life is after spending time with his home planet, Clark arrives to the Daily Planet and he proposes to Lois in front of everyone. Lois hugs Clark and they both get married.

S       E       A        S      O      N              4/5:
Red Sun Rising | Red Sun Setting

Superman: You're just a man.
Out of all the bad things I did, what makes you think I won't kill you?
Batman: Because I trust you, Clark.
The Fourth Season can start up with the Cold War being declared. The Justice Society can be featured again in the arc, but this time, there will be a lot of espionage going on. As Superman and the Justice Society uncover these plots, they find out more than what meets the eye which questions their loyalty to the government. By the end of the season, you can have this Russian criminal set up a plot against the Justice Society by framing them as the spies for the U.S.S.R. The evidence is kinda profound, but the government insists that if they want the Justice Society's trust to fight for their country, then they would have to sign up a bill that identifies the secret identities of the J.S.A (ala Superhuman Registration Act). There's a big escalation within the team as they form "sides", Superman tries to neutralize the situation between  both rivaling sides, until a secret "someone" learns who Superman is, and murders Lois in cold blood. This causes the J.S.A to disband and retire, as Superman is left grieving for his wife. Superman attends a court preceding which addresses the issues of the Superhuman Registration Act, and Superman announces that he will not be taking part on the horrors of war no longer after recent events. 

Then Season 5 can start up as a loose adaptation of the Red Son and Injustice. This time, since Superman's declared an outlaw for not abiding by the government, the law begins to chase him down. Crime begins to run more rampant as ever before, and a nuclear war starts amongst both the Russians and the Americans after a devastating attack during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Superman goes all out and decimates both sides of the war to stop the bloodshed. He creates his own regime to protect Earth from themselves. He He takes totalitarian control of both countries, thus prompting most of the United Nations to take Superman out. Under Superman's regime, he declares himself as the only soldier and takes out everyone that dares declare war. This gauges an underground resistance coalition between Luthor and the Justice Society and other heroes (Batman, Wonder Woman, etc) to take down Superman's totalitarian rule. The battle is deadly, Superman even welcomes a returning Brainiac to help cease the situation.

After many heroes (and citizens of the Superman regime) fall, Luthor and Superman start to talk things over so no more blood can be shed. Brainiac exposes Luthor's true plan of visiting to stall some time so the Underground Resistance can seize the Nuclear Codes from the Pentagon to utilize all 28 nuclear warheads to kill Superman. This enrages Superman (since this means the end of the world) and causes him to engulf the entire U.S Pacific fleet to pieces with help from Brainiac;s ship (who were soldiers conspiring against Superman, some acting as spies for the resistance). 500 Green Lanterns, all lead by Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner, battle Superman to the end. But Superman takes out all 500 Lanterns out. Wonder Woman awaits with her ground force of Amazons to stop Superman, but it fails as Superman takes every one of them out and kills Diana with her own sword. Each keep on coming, but Superman just ends up killing every single one of them a la Red Son

This is the end now, and Superman bursts into the Pentagon and goes into the chamber, there we see Batman, finally, confronting Superman. Superman says that he would never think Bruce would align himself with a psychopath like Luthor. Batman shoots back by saying he would never think Clark would be capable of taking away a life. Superman attempts to justify his doings for the better of the people. He says that he has given the people of Earth a chance to prove themselves, but that they need him to save them from each other. He confesses how Lois has fallen because of these people, and how his purpose is to protect the people from Earth by all means necessary. Batman says that he has lost his way. Bruce confesses that he has had great admiration for the man Clark once was. Bruce reveals a Kryptonite spear. Bruce says that the Bat inside of him is telling him to kill Superman then and now. But deep inside, he knows that Clark is still there. Then, the conversation goes something like this...



Superman: You're just a man. 
Out of all the bad things I did, what makes you think I won't kill you?
Batman: Because I trust you, Clark.

Brief, emotional pause. Superman recollects himself to when he first met Bruce, and he says that he's sorry but it's too late. Bruce reveals that he might've thought he would think that. So he gives him an envelope that has Lois's handwriting. Clark knows her handwriting like it's the back of his hand. He opens it up. And the note reveals....

Superman orders Brainiac to end the invasion, but the robot reveals that he is not as reprogrammed as everyone thought, attacking Superman with green radiation that may be analogous to green kryptonite, given its effects on this Superman, while boasting that "eventually the entire universe" will "hum to his battery". He is shut down by Luthor, and is destroyed by Superman. This triggers a fail-safe self-destruct (though it is lightly implied that Luthor had planned for this to happen) and as the gravitational singularities powering Brainiac's ship threaten to explode, Superman rockets it into outer space, where it blows up. The Earth is saved, but Superman is thought to have been caught in an explosion which is said to have a kill radius of 15,000,000 miles (24,000,000 km).

The epilogue follows. A universal democracy is established, and Luthor is voted in as the President. Lex Luthor goes on to integrate many of Superman's ideas into the new philosophy of "Luthorism" and form a "Global United States". This becomes the defining moment for mankind's future as it enters an unprecedented age of peace and stability. A benevolent world government is formed and maintained, and Luthor presides over a string of scientific achievements, including the cure of all known disease, and colonisation of the solar system. Lex Luthor lives for over two thousand years. At his funeral, it is revealed that Superman survived and is apparently immortal, although this is unknown to Lois, who has outlived her husband.

Now permanently retired from public view, Superman provides the epilogue narration akin to that of the Red Son, and he goes on to describe Luthor's descendants, culminating from Lena Luthor to Lombard. To Luth-1938 and Lex-L. The line continues to go down from Jordan-L, to Lana-L, whose great grandson seems to be a young man called Jor-L, "whose intellect exceeded that of even his beloved ancestor." Billions of years in the future, it is revealed that Earth is being torn apart by tidal stresses from its sun (which has become a red giant). Jor-L and Lara send their infant son rocketing back into the past. The final panels of the finale depicts the first panels of the pilot episode, where Kal-L's timeship orbits around space and crashes in a farm over in Smallville, effectively causing a predestination paradox. 

(taken from DC Wiki with some added, the ending will be just the same as the comic)

And that ladies, and gentlemen, is how my Superman HBO Show would wrap up as. It's a very generic pitch of the actual show, but each characters do have arcs to them, and they stay true to the pressures their under. Since the Predestination Paradox is kinda set by the ending, it can always be disrupted when someone form an outer parallel Earth comes into contact with Earth II. This can be integrated just as much into the films, while remaining it's one thing at the same time. My cast would be as follows.


C       A       S     T   

Tom Bateman as ................ Superman / Clark Kent
Notable Works: Jekyll and Hyde, Theater
Age: 28   |      Height: 6'3


Jessica Findlay as........... Lois Lane
Notable Works: Downton Abbey, Winter's Tale
Age: 27     |     Height: 5'6

Eion Bailey as..........Batman / Bruce Wayne
Age:  39    |      Height: 6'0
Notable Works: Band of Brothers, Once Upon A Time

Pip Torrens as.........Lex Luthor
Age: 56   |    Height: 6'0
Notable Works: The Crown, Pride & Prejudice

Caitrona Balfe as............Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Age: 39    |   Height: 5'10
Notable Works: Outlander, Now You See Me

Scott Speedman as........Jay Garrick / The Flash
Height: 5'11    |    Age: 41
Notable Works: Animal Kingdom, Underworld

Gabriel Macht as............. Alan Scott / Green Lantern
Age: 45     |      Height: 6'0
Notable Works: Suits, Because I Said So

Steven Kree as............Wildcat / Ted Grant

Joseph Fiennes as.........Doctor Fate
Age: 46    |     Height: 6'0
Notable Works: Shakespeare In Love, Risen

Derek Luke as........ Johnny Thunder
Age: 42    |     Height: 5'10
Notable Works: Awntwone Fisher, Notorious

Thank you folks for reading, and for checking this out. 

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