The Bizarro Movie?

The Bizarro Movie?

Could Superman's doppleganger be getting his own movie?

This is really...interesting.

Apparently according to LatinoReview an unsusual script is making the rounds in Hollywood lately. It is a script for a film based on Bizarro.This masterstroke is written by “Men In Black 2″ and “Galaxy Quest” screenwriter Robert Gordon. It's unknown if a studio will actually buy the script. But apparently the script is attracting a lot of attention throughout the entertainment industry and the media covering it.

According to Latino Review the script features some campy story elements, the occasionally campy script features several things including a new origin for the villain, as well as the return of, get this, General Zod, my hero. Oh, and it also features a cameo from Krypto the Superdog. It is set in the Superman film series.

The film begins with an epic Superman-Bizarro battle and concluding with what Latino Review described as a somewhat redemptive climactic battle between Bizarro, Zod and the latter’s formerly imprisoned cohorts.

The “Bizarro” movie script seems interesting, even if it never finds it way to theaters.

If you can’t find a copy of the script online (or even if you can), be sure to check out LatinoReview’s video review that takes you through the script from start to finish. It’s actually a really well-done tour of the script and Bizarro’s history on the big and small screens.

If you watch their review of the script it really doesn't sound all that bad. It's not like it is another Howard the Duck.
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