Two Actors Who Were Considered For 'Jor-El' In Man Of Steel Revealed!

Two Actors Who Were Considered For 'Jor-El' In <i>Man Of Steel</i> Revealed!

Now that we know who is going to play Jor-El in Zack Snyder's new Superman film Man Of Steel, the names of two actors have been revealed that were also considered for that part. Check it out!

As DCMarvelFreshman previously reported, Russell Crowe is set to play Jor-El in Zack Snyder-directed new Superman film, Man Of Steel. It looks like that Christopher Nolan had a long search for the actor to play this part. The Hollywood Reporter offers a brief new info on who else was considered for this role:

"Details of how large the role (a scientist who forsees the destruction of his planet and squires his infant son into an escape rocket bound for Earth) is in Man of Steel are not being revealed. Sean Penn and Clive Owen were reportedly considered for the role.

While I think Russel Crowe is a great casting for Jor-El, it would be very interesting to see both Owen or Penn in that role.

Starring Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Antje Traue and Russel Crowe, Man Of Steel is set for theatrical release in December 2012.

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