UPDATE: Michael Shannon Briefly Talks Man Of Steel, Seems To Confirm "Phantom Zone"

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font>  Michael Shannon Briefly Talks <i>Man Of Steel</i>, Seems To Confirm "Phantom Zone"

Well, kinda! While on The UK's Soccer AM, the actor was quizzed about having "laser eyes" in Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot and in the process revealed that the Phantom Zone "set up" won't be Zod trapped in a little spinning triangle. Updated with video embed...

In the interview, Shannon first speaks about his role in Take Shelter and is then quizzed about playing General Zod ion Man Of Steel. He once again expresses his admiration for Terence Stamp's original portrayal and then in response to being teased about Superman 2's incarnation of The Phantom Zone (basically the 3 evil kryptonians trapped in a spinning triangle) he says that the new "set up will be a little different"

This at least suggests that we will see The Phantom Zone in some form in the movie. It's a shame Shannon didn't get the chance to elaborate on anything as Jason Byrne the annoying Irish "comedian" beside him seemed intent on hogging every bit of spotlight he could.

Thanks to the Man Of Steel Facebook page for the heads up, click the link below to pay em a visit. And thanks to ComicBuzz for the Youtube upload.

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