UPDATE: Possible Leaked Photo & GIF For An Upcoming Superman Video Game

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> Possible Leaked Photo <font color="red">& GIF</font> For An Upcoming Superman Video Game

For years, fans have been hoping to see a Superman game. While we know WB Games Montreal is developing a new DC game, could it be a Superman game we've all been hoping for? Take it with a grain of salt and click to check it out.

Now it's fair to say DC in general pretty much sucked in video games before Batman: Arkham Asylum. There were a couple decent games but there was mostly garbage thanks to games like Superman 64, Batman: Dark Tomorrow, Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis, and more. Since Rocksteady's 2009 smash hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum, DC has been getting it's act together in the video game world while Marvel can't get their crap together. With DC having the Batman: Arkham series and Injustice: Gods Among Us with all the games getting critically acclaimed, it seems they may add a new franchise. Now that DC is done with the Batman: Arkham series, fans are hoping DC looks at Superman for the next DC game series. Now this leaked photo comes from the tumblr page called "Daily Superheroes" and was reported by CabooseXBL. We have no confirmation if it's official or fan made. Basically it's a leaked bio of Superman with the New 52 suit.

Update: thanks to @Gprez2020 & @manhunter212 in the comments, there is a gif that clearly shows Superman moving in the gif proving that it is not a photoshopped image. The gif is said to have been found on the Batman: Arkham Knight forums here.

Now again, we can't be sure if the original source is entirely reliable but we've seen legit stuff come from lesser sources. We do know WB Games Montreal is currently working on a DC game. You can read more about that here  So what are your thoughts? Do you think it's real or fan made? If real are you excited that the Superman game we've all wanted may be happening? Comment below, let me know. Peace and remember...

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