UPDATE:Even More Toy And Movie Concept Art From SUPERMAN LIVES

UPDATE:Even More Toy And Movie Concept Art From SUPERMAN LIVES

<font color=red>UPDATE:</font>Even More Toy And Movie Concept Art From SUPERMAN LIVES

Take a look at some even more concept art from the toy line that would have been attached with Superman Lives. In this batch we get more of Brainiac's Ship, Humanoid Brainiac, Doomsday, and more!

Thanks again from a heads up by the people over at Tim Burton.JP we have a look at even more toy and movie concept art from Tim Burton's Superman Lives. A couple of days ago we got a look at a skull looking ship that would have been Brainiac's ship, and now with this group we get a couple more renderings of it. Along with his ship we also get a look at what a humanoid Brainiac might have looked like. One of the story lines from the failed movie would have had Superman dieing at the hands of the powerful Doomsday and thanks to some of the toy art we get a look at the direction they might have been going with as far as his look. Another piece of art has Superman fighting an alien in what looks to be a space ship, and of course it wouldn't be Superman Lives concept art if there wasn't a questionable Superman costume thrown in.

Humanoid Brainiac

An evil computer (from Krypton) in human form. Energy vampire that constantly needs to recharge his artificial powersource. Seeks the “perfect” body of the Eradicator to overcome his biggest vulnerability (loss of power). Has the ability to “hard-wire” (download) his consciousness into various “beasts” from the Universe. Is mysterious and wicked looking. Is tall with a huge head. Body has exposed circuitry that extrudes from it.


Alien lifeform genetically engineered by Brainiac to destroy Superman. Super-adaptive; Can not be defeated in the same way twice. Huge, monstrous form with glaring eyes and razor-sharp claws. Has sharp bony protrusions from head to toe.

Brainiac's Ship

Superman VS. Alien

Art by Pete Von Sholly

Superman's Suit

Art by Pete Von Sholly

UPDATE: Thanks to a heads up from the artist, Pete Von Sholly, who let me know that that the "Robo-Superman" was done in good fun and was NOT being considered as a potential suit for that movie.

Once again this gives us a pretty good look at what exactly they were going for as far as a look of the movie. Last look at Brainiac we had from this movie they had him looking like a spider. Do you prefer the more humanoid looking Braniac as shown above or the one that looks more like a spider? As usual sound your thoughts off in the comment boxes below.

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