Warner Brothers To Drop SUPERMAN Best Of Television Collection In May

Warner Brothers To Drop SUPERMAN Best Of Television Collection In May

Superman has been a part of TV for almost as long as he has been in the comics. To commemorate that achievement, and to celebrate their 90 years as a studio, Warner Brothers will be releasing a best of television box set this May.

Not only is he one of the most popular characters in comics, Superman has had his fair share of TV shows. From the cartoons in Superman The Animated Series, to the most recent live action rendition, Smallville. Warner Brothers is celebrating 90 years of being a studio this year, and to commemorate the occasion they have decided to release a best of collection for Superman's efforts on the small screen. Check out the details below.

Collections Included:
Viva 1:
Smallville Season 1 - (6 discs)
Superman Serials - (4 discs)

Viva 2:
Lois & Clark S1 - (6 discs)
Superman: The Animated Series V1 - (2 discs)
New Adventures of Superman - (2 discs)

Viva 3:
Adventures of Superman Season 1 - (5 discs)
DCU Superman Doomsday Movie - (1 disc)
Max Fleischer’s Superman - (2 discs)
Ruby Spears Superman - (2 discs)

The box set contains 30 discs with over 30 hours of Superman goodness. It also features a 24 page collector's book. The collection will be made available for purchase on May 7th later this year.

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