WB Seriously Considering Jon Hamm for Superman Reboot

WB Seriously Considering Jon Hamm for Superman Reboot

WB Seriously Considering Jon Hamm for Superman Reboot

Will the fan favorite (and Alex Ross endorsed choice) get to be The Man of Steel?

WB Considering Jon Hamm for Superman
Mon, July 26, 2010

Christopher Nolan is producing, David Goyer writing and Jonah Nolan possibly helming. That's enough to get fans excited and what not, but it doesn’t answer the question everyone wants to know, "Who will be the new Superman?"

With plans set for a December 2012 release, we've heard different names out in the open ranging from "Chuck" star Zachary Levi in the rumor mill department to "True Blood " actor Joe Manganiello publicly campaigning for the role. But who do the studios (in this case, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures) have their eye on for mild-mannered Clark Kent and his red-and-blue suit wearing alter ego, or is it the other way around?

Sources tell TMT one such actor being "seriously considered" is Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

At thirty-nine (he'd be past forty when "The Man of Steel" opens), he's certainly older than who's regularly looked at for these franchises. Then again, look at Robert Downey Jr. He's starring in the "Iron Man" and "Sherlock Holmes" films (and then there's "The Avengers") and he's a few years older. Not to mention, Hamm happens to have been a fan favorite for Kal-El for years now. Something that was suggested to him directly by MTV and it wasn't like he immediately dismissed the notion.

Before anyone starts nerdgasming, keep in mind no deal is in place and there's no indication Hamm and/or his representation has met with WB, Legendary or the Nolan crew. He's one of several names being thrown around the Burbank offices to headline the new Superman franchise, but it gives you an idea of what direction they're looking.

*Personally, I was pulling for Brandon Routh to be brought back. I thought he did a fine job in "Superman Returns" and was worthy of playing Kal-El again. If that will not be the case, maybe Hamm might be the way to go. It's a different direction, but they might not cast him because of future age considerations, if they are developing a trilogy. Remember, these films will be 3 years apart. Although, Hamm would be a better actor than the names that are being thrown around as possible wearers of the Blue Tights. Whomever they cast, I ask for 2 things: Bring back the "American Way" aspect (have some pride dammit!) and don't EFF with the costume!!
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