Why Superman’s Costume Does Not Need Major Changes For The Reboot

Why Superman’s Costume Does Not Need Major Changes For The Reboot

My opinion of why Superman's costume should not be drastically changed for the 2012 reboot

With Man of Steel reboot coming out in 2012, people wonder what Superman’s costume is going to look like. Some people want to see changes like the red trunks being removed from the costume while some want the costume to follow the comics like myself. I have to say that after looking at the concept arts of Superman’s costume from previous attempts and how they completely different from the superman we know love, I believe that the costume does not need major changes at all. Superman’s costume should be left alone.

The reason being that Superman’s costume is icon and has been around for 73 years. Plus the whole red trunks got to go is stupid and the people who say that it looks ridiculous on him need to get over it. Getting rid of the trunks would be like making Lex Luthor a CIA Agent who is secretly a kryptonian. Has anyone even learned from Superman Returns when they made changes Superman’s costume with the tight coller, burgundy cape, and the small “s” on his chest? When I first saw the image of Brandon Routh in costume, I was very disappointed in Singer for what he has done and felt like I was being Punked.

The other reason is that Superman is not like Batman. I know people use the excuse that Batman’s costume change in the movies but that’s Batman. With Superman, you cannot think that messing with his costume just because it looks old fashioned. If the costume was changed drastically then fans will not recognize him as Superman which why I love the sayings “Don’t mess with the basics” and “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke”. Personally, I prefer the classic costume or the costume from “Earth One”. I have faith that Snyder will do the right thing.

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