Will George Miller Direct MAN OF STEEL 2? Jon Schnepp Seems To Think So

Will George Miller Direct MAN OF STEEL 2? Jon Schnepp Seems To Think So

George Miller stunned audiences with his critically-revered crowd pleaser of a movie Mad Max: Fury Road this summer. According to The Death Of Superman Lives director Jon Schnepp, he's been rewarded by WB with the chance to direct Man Of Steel 2!

You've probably heard of George Miller. He only directed one of the best movies of the year so far in Mad Max: Fury Road. You've most likely also heard of Jon Schnepp. The Collider Movie Talk host and occassional filmmaker made waves this summer with his documentary, The Death Of "Superman Lives": What Happened. Here's a story that links the pair!

In a guest appearance on Popcorn Talk's 'DC Movie News' podcast last night, Schnepp confidently claimed that Miller would direct the sequel to Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel. While this isn't official confirmation by any means, we've heard rumors about this before, and Schnepp's reputation as a filmmaker and a journalist makes it reasonable enough to believe him.

Throw in Miller's obvious ties to Warner Bros - he was once set to direct the cancelled Justice League Mortal (and was spotted on the Suicide Squad set) - and it wouldn't be surprising if he was 
involved in the DCEU. You can check out Schnepp's comments in the video below (from ~55:30). What do you think? Do you believe him? And if so, do you think Miller is the right fit for a Superman movie? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Like Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, Man Of Steel 2 has been confirmed to be a part of DC/WB's plans, but currently has no official release date.
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