Zack Snyder Says He "Tried Like Crazy" To Keep Superman's Classic Look For MAN OF STEEL

Zack Snyder Says He "Tried Like Crazy" To Keep Superman's Classic Look For MAN OF STEEL

Some fans were annoyed with the changes made to the character's costume for Snyder's upcoming reboot - particularly in the red underwear area! Now in another excerpt from his interview with NYP, the director reveals that he actually wanted the classic outfit himself at first..

It seems Zack Snyder originally wanted the same thing a lot of fans do - to see Superman wearing his red trunks on the outside of his costume. It's deemed a bit silly by some these days, but it is has been a part of the character's iconic look for a very long time, and although the new outfit sported by Henry Cavill for the movie has mostly been met with fan approval, many purists were up in arms that this latest incarnation of Superman has finally learned that underwear is supposed to be worn UNDER the pants. In the following excerpt from his interview with The New York Post, Snyder reveals that he fought to keep the classic look, but suggests that he might have been overruled by certain other parties..

"The costume was a big deal for me, and we played around for a long time. I tried like crazy to keep the red briefs on him. Everyone else said, ‘You can't have the briefs on him.' I looked at probably 1,500 versions of the costumes with the briefs on. If you look at the costume, it's very modern, but the relationship to the original costume is strong."

Henry Cavill adds - "You come onto a project like this, and you hear about modernization and you hear about bringing things forward to today, and all you can do is hope that it's going to look cool and different from anything you've seen before." Personally I like the new look a lot, but what about you guys? Still missing the red briefs?

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