Zack Snyders Man Of Steel Is Headed To Alaska! Will We Finally See A New Version Of The Fortress of Solitude?

Zack Snyders Man Of Steel Is Headed To Alaska! Will We Finally See A New Version Of The Fortress of Solitude?

<em>Zack Snyders Man Of Steel</em> Is Headed To Alaska!  Will We Finally See A New Version Of The <em>Fortress of Solitude</em>?

Well it's actually headed to Vancouver, which will double as the "isolated, "farflung" look" of Alaska. Did someone say Fortress of Solitude?

Several reports are coming in stating that the new Zack Snyder Superman film will be filming in Vancouver from September through January 2012. Third Act Productions Inc., a production company for the film has already been in Vancouver preparing the locations to achieve a "desolate" and "farflung" aesthetic. Here's what the Vancouver Sun reports:

According to the movie's location manager, scenes will be filmed in various locations, including Helen Road and Main Street. Crew will be prepping Helen Road from Sept. 26 onwards, dressing the site with signage and props, and filming will likely take place the week of Oct. 3.

Set locations are hush-hush, although interior filming will likely be held at Mammoth Studios in Burnaby, at 2880 Underhill Ave.

As any Superman fan knows, if the "big blue boy scout" is in Alaska then he's probably on his way to the Fortress of Solitude. There's been much speculation among the fan base as to whether we will finally see a departure from the crystallized version of the Fortress of Solitude that has been dominate in Superman depictions ever since the Richard Donner films. Personally, I hope Snyder harks back to the very earliest of Superman history and we get "The Secret Citadel" but that looks unlikely with filming now shifting to Vancouver/Alaska. This revelation all but confirms that we'll be seeing the Fortress but this time, I sincerely hope we get a new take.

Sincerely hoping we don't see the crystal version, yet again.

Would really like to see the Secret Citadel but looks unlikely with filming headed to the "Artic".

Perhaps the South American Fortress of Solitude? Unlikely.

I like this version, although it's a bit similar to the Batcave.

Again, similar to the Batcave. But maybe that's a good idea.

The Fortress of Solitude is the occasional headquarters of Superman in DC Comics. Its predecessor, Superman's "Secret Citadel", first appeared in Superman #17, where it was said to be built into a mountain on the outskirts of Metropolis. However, the formal introduction of the Fortress took place in the story "The Super-Key to Fort Superman", published in Action Comics #241 (June 1958).

Traditionally, the Fortress of Solitude is located in the Arctic, though more recent versions of the Superman comics have placed the Fortress in other locations, including the Antarctic, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. The general public in Superman's world is either unaware or at best only vaguely aware of the existence of the Fortress, with its location kept secret from all but Superman's closest friends and allies (such as Lois Lane and Batman). A trademark of the Fortress is that it contains a memorial statue of Jor-El and Lara, Superman's Kryptonian parents, holding a large globe of Krypton. Although Superman has living quarters at the Fortress, his main residence is still Clark Kent's apartment in Metropolis. The arctic Fortress of Solitude concept was first created for pulp hero Doc Savage during the 1930s.

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