A batch of Smallville videos and spoilers

A batch of Smallville videos and spoilers

Here I have posted the last two episodes of Smallville; also Spoilers, previews and scenes from next episode, Injustice.

First Episode Stiletto

Episode Beast

Preview and trailer for episode Injustice

Spoilers for episode Injustice

Scene #1: Plastique stands on a roof top staring at the streets wearing a sleek uniform. Behind her appear 3 more members of her team, Voltage, Leech and Fallout. They tail a woman. End of Teaser.

Scene #2: Voltage, a meteor infected member from Tess Mercer's team leans over her slain friend, Fallout and cries. Tess asks what happened. Plastique explains that Doomsday caught them following him and attacked. Tess yells that the order was not to attack but to wait until she sends in the Traveler. Voltage is angry with Tess for not clue in them in on her plans and wants out of the team. Tess tells her no and sends Leech after her - who's power is to absorb the power of whoever he touches and make it his - and takes her power away. Plastique and Leech leave and Voltage stays behind with Tess wondering what is she going to do to her.

Scene #3: Chloe talks with Plastique and Leech. Apparently, Voltage, was just blown off by a chip in her head. Chloe believes that it was Tess herself who placed it there and pushed the button. Plastique and Leech disagree and defend Tess for all the good she has done for them. They want to continue with their mission and catch Godzilla aka Doomsday. Chloe is still suspicious but goes along.

Scene #4: Leech hits Clark and before he can do anything he absorbes his powers and gets thrown against a wall. Clark falls down drained. Leech goes after Clark to finish him off but Plastique stops him saying there is nothing he can do any more. End of Act Three.

Scene #5: Leech and Plastique have Tess captured and are very angry because they have discovered she has betrayed them. They want access to the Black Creek files to zap the chips off every meteor infected she has in her team and form their own team. Tess is scared because she suddenly realises what she has done. While Plastique tortures Tess for the password, Clark storms in, still without his powers but heroically trying to save Tess. Leech grabs him by the throat. Out of the blue Plastique gets zapped and falls down unconscious. Green Arrow appears from the balcony and Leech immediately crumbles in pain as Oliver approaches him. He is wearing Lex's Kryptonite ring. Clark is shocked by the discovery of the ring's existence but grabs Leech and asks for his powers back if he wants the pain to stop. Leech obliges and GA hides the ring. End of Act Four.

Scene #6: Tess is sitting at her desk at the Luthor Mansion and stares at the contents of a wooden box. A technician and guard enter the room holding a case. They open it to reveal the Phantom Zone crystal. She asks why haven't they destroyed it yet but the technician says they tried everything but it is indestructable. The men exit.
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