More From Erica Durance On Playing Lois Lane And The Smallville Finale!

More From Erica Durance On Playing Lois Lane And The <i>Smallville</i> Finale!

The actress talks about what she'd like to see in the finale, her favourite heroes that have appeared in the show, what she'd like to take from the set and her post-Smallville plans...

On What She'd Like To See In The Smallville Finale:

"I have no idea what’s in the finale. I’ve thought about this a lot, but they surprise me, all the time. I would love to see Lois fly. Not her, herself, but with Clark. This is my wish list. This is not what the producers have told me. I would love to see her get married to Clark. I’d love to see her really find herself and find her grounding and go, “Okay, this is who I am,” and settle down."

On What She Thinks She Brings To The Role Of Lois Lane:

" I think that you can’t help but bring pieces of who you are. No matter what you do, it comes through you, as a vessel. So, I suppose that some of the things that you see in this particular Lois – with her spunkiness, or certain moments of neuroses, or that high energy perkiness, or the laughing, or the klutziness – are definitely me. I am not a particularly aggressive person. That’s not Erica. I play a kick-ass woman. Margot Kidder told me that I hit it out of the park. But, I have not heard from Teri Hatcher at all."

On Her Favourite Heroes That Have Appeared In The Show:

"I can’t help but say that I love Green Arrow. I really enjoyed the Hawkman character. I love his huge wings and the whole graveliness of his voice. I loved the Martian Manhunter. Phil Morris is a really cool human being, and it was such a neat character for Clark to have in his life. He was cool, too."

On What She'd Like To Take Away From The Set When The Show Wraps Up:

"I’d like to keep a couple of my costumes. I’d like to take my Daily Planet nameplate. And, I’d like to steal one of the Blur’s jackets. I like the jackets that he has."

On Whether She Has Any Plans For When Smallville Ends:

"I’m open to whatever. I have a break. That’s it. I might do my own independent film, that my husband wrote for me, if all the ducks are in a row. It would be very, very fun to team up on that. Other than that, I’m just going to wait and see."

Be sure to head on over to Collider by clicking the link below to read the full interview! Smallville returns to the CW next week on February 4th.

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