Smallvile Finale Review by Superbatspiderman

Smallvile Finale Review by Superbatspiderman

What I thought of the final adventure of Clark Kent and the new adventure of Superman.

I have watched Smallville for a very long time basically ever since it was first on. I love the show a lot but I am not saying that it didn't have it rough spots because it sure had plenty. When I heard that this was going to be the final season I was so excited to see how they would end this epic tail of the world's greatest hero and how he became The Man of Steel.

The plot of the finale is pretty simple. I thought it was pretty well done especially the resurrection of Lex Luthor which I thought was the highlight of the episode. The main conflict of the episode is the planet Apokolypse is about to crash into the Earth which I thought was a little but rushed. I wish they would have had an invasion from Darkseid not a planet crashing into Earth because that made really no sense. Another highlight was Tess finally killing Lionel Luthor because I have wanted that to happen for a while. All in all I thought the plot of the episode was pretty good. The only let down was that they never really showed Darkseid it was just Lionel possessed by him.

The special effects in this episode were probably some of the best I have ever seen on the show because lately it has seemed that they have been lacking in the special effects. The planet Apokolypse looked amazing for this show the effects were really cool and it looked like the planets from the comics. When Clark flies off with the suit on the effects were sort of poor but it sure was a great scene. I have always thought the effects they used for the Darkseid spirit thing was pretty cool even if the character is lacking in development. Overall the FX in the episode were great.

The actor's performances in the episode are pretty solid like usual. Tom Welling is a great Clark Kent and I don't care what anyone says about that. He gives the best Superman performances since Chris Reeve. Erica Durance does a great job as Lois as usual. Allison Mack as Cloe is decent but I kind of got tired of her character a long time ago. Justin Hartley does a really good job as Green Arrow like always. Michael Rosenbaum returns as Lex Luthor which was great. When I first heard his voice I got a chill down my spine. Annette O'Toole and John Schneider return as Jonathon and Martha Kent which was another highlight of the episode. All other smaller performances are decent.

The main highlights are numerous but I'll say my favorites. The number one is finally seeing Tom Welling don the iconic suit which was fantastic. Next was the return of Lex Luthor because he is the antithesis of The Man of Steel the ultimate bad guy. The last one is seeing Clark fly because the entire series they have teased us with him flying but he never did but now he is the hero he is meant to be.

Now for the disappointments which there are several of. My biggest complaint was that they never really showed Darkseid just that weird mist thing. Darkseid is one of the greatest comic villains and I wanted to see him. I also thought the episode was a little slow at parts and was a little rushed. When Superman throws the planet back into space it didn't really sense that it would get rid of the Omega symbols on people's heads. The weirdest part was seeing Jimmy at the end because he died tow seasons ago. Did I miss something here? Why is Jimmy there, O well it is still good.

Overall it was a great end to a fantastic series. I feel that the last ten years have been great mostly. The ending of the episode almost brought a tear to my eyes because it is the end of a show I have watched forever and it ended with a bang. Smallville I will miss you very much and I hope there will be a spin off of the show.

Goodbye Smallville!! I don't know what I will do at 8 on Fridays now. I hope they do a spin off so bad. It's been one heck of a ride.
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