Smallville: Lindsay Hartley Talks Mad Harriet

Smallville: Lindsay Hartley Talks Mad Harriet has an interview with actress Lindsay Hartley, who portrays Granny Goodness minion Mad Harriet in this Friday's episode of Smallville, "Abandoned."

In describing her character, Hartley reveals, "Granny Goodness is basically her {Harriet’s} goddess or her hero. Granny Goodness has this team of women that she’s training to help do whatever Granny Goodness wants them to do. Whatever Granny Goodness’ plans are, Mad Harriet, who is the leader of these women, will do. My character, Mad Harriet, has a claw and that’s her special gift… it’s powered by kryptonite {Superman’s mortal weakness.} She’s a character who thinks that killing Clark Kent will help fill her purpose in life."

Anyone expecting a kick-ass fight between Harriet and Clark, she says, may be in for a disappointment due to the nature of her claw. "He's like a baby," she describes as Clark's response to Kryptonite. "He's so weak she just wipies the slate with him. She owns the scene with her power because he's worthless and has no strength."

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